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February 11, 2006

Were back on the road after a nice long break. I mostly spent time with my wife and kids but I did get in some songwriting and a few photo sessions (behind the camera, not in front). I posted some under studio here on the website. check them out and enjoy. It was a rush to work that end of the lens in the studio. Many many more to come, but for now I’m back in the groove of touring. We have a jam room set up in every city for writing and will take the ideas home and finish writing the album starting in May.

Donna just wrapped her first movie since she took time off to raise the kids and has two more in the works. She’s working on her charity for Cambodia and will be doing some photo sessions coming up soon too (again, behind the lens ). Its’ hard to be away from our kids but at least one of us is always there in these busy times.


PS. We plan on adding some new tunes to the set to keep it fresh (mostly for us) since were not really playing any of the same cities. We just need a few days to settle in before we start working them up

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