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February 13, 2006

Hello everyone.

I appreciate the kind words and I am sorry if some of you are sad about my departure. Out of respect to the band and the upcoming tour, I didnt send out a press release about this, as I didnt want to cause possible worry to you good people.

I just got in from a long weekend and my ass is kicked so Ill keep this short and to the point. Without going into detail that would most likely get turned into something negative, let me give a readers digest version of whats up.

In mid January Blackie and I had a phone conversation that resulted in our parting. It wasnt shitty, ugly, or disrespectful in any way. It was two old and dear friends being honest with each other. After 16 years as friends and bandmates, one thing you learn is how to be honest with each other.

So the bottom line is, I will not be part of the upcoming tour, and Im not sure who the drummer will be as its really none of my business. If its the guy that they were going to use before I came back, he is excellent. I dont know him but

I have heard his work on Darrells solo stuff and I think he’s great. Keep in mind Im just guessing from the other side of the country. lol

I will be posting more details about this and my upcoming plans on my site this week.

I really feel like I owe you all a big thank you! Special thanks for Doc for being honorable. (he can explain if he wants) Thanks to the children of lawless for this awesome site, and thanks to Blackie, Mike, and Darrell for the good times we shared.

I will be out doing shows with my band Temple of Brutality, if you have the chance come out and say hello.

You peope are the most kick ass fans in the world. I wish you all the very best. Thanks – Stet

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