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February 17, 2006

GNR fever has hit the web big time! It didn’t take long for Guns N’ Roses management to reportedly attempt to plug the leaks that sprung up on Wednesday but a ton of fans already got a taste of the new GNR material and are itching for more. Many GNR websites that offer forums have instituted a delete and ban policy for those that post links to the two leaked GNR tracks “IRS” and “Better” that we reported on yesterday. Messages reportedly from reps of the group’s management asked fan sites to remove links and any postings mentioning the leaks.

That didn’t stop some radio stations from playing the song. Eight radio outlets have played one or both songs according to fan reports on the popular GNR site ‘Here Today… Gone to Hell.’ The King of All Media even got in on it; Howard Stern reportedly played part of “IRS” on his show Thursday.

The leaks have fueled rumors across the board. One such rumor says that the original lineup of the group was reforming with Slash re-recording the guitar parts on Chinese Democracy. Most fans dismiss such rumors out of hand. We do know that prior to these leaks, the GNR camp planned to make some kind of announcement within the next few weeks.

Fan reaction to what they have heard has been mostly positive. One fan posting under the name of RichardNixon had this to say on the ‘Here Today… Gone to Hell’ message board: “As much as I liked Contraband, [Velvet Revolver’s debut] that stuff just doesn’t compare with these new songs. As far as I am concerned, the band has really lived up to the hype. I can’t believe how good these demos are. I don’t feel let down at all in terms of the quality of the music. As someone who has been waiting since 1993 for a new GN’R album, I feel, if these songs are any indication of what Chinese Democracywill sound like, Axl has delivered. This is the stuff that dreams are made of…”

But not everyone is happy that these songs leaked out, especially members of the GNR inner circle. Lisa Reed, wife of longtime GNR member Dizzy Reed reportedly let her feelings be known about the leak in an online post. Sp1at reported the following: “Lisa Reed wrote these words to the original Dizzy Reed message board* with regards to the recent leak; ‘I just don’t understand it. If people claim to love the band and Axl so much why on earth would you do something you know will piss them off? Especially when all signs point to it getting closer and closer. It’s like shaking all your Christmas presents on the 23rd of December and figuring out what they are. No surprise and you ruined the fun for the giver. I just as much as anyone want this record to come out. but BE PATIENT!'”

But fans have gotten a taste and they want their GNR. Let’s hope Axl and company deliver soon!

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