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February 17, 2006


First the interesting news. I just landed a new commercial, I’m one of the new voices for…Wrigley’s Gum. So next time you’ll see the commercial on tv or hear the radio spot well it will be most likely my voice singing over the actor. It’s called adr
Also I have printed 7000 copies of Letter To God and 2000 copiesof Forbidden demos and I ONLY have FEW COPIES left. I’ m almost sold out and I won’t reprint them. So if you want one please visit my site or

I’m now working on a new CD, a “best of” with rarecuts plus a few new ones too.You’ll be able to hear songs I have recorded withVinnie Appice, James Kottak, the late Randy Castilloand many more plus a few semi acoustic versions of myfavorite tracks recorded over the Years.

The response of the latest CD was fantastic. I didmanage to get world wide distribution and those 2 CDs receivedlots of great reviews. Over the last 3 years I have done over 300 interviews and gotten numerous CD reviews, not bad!

I may do few dates this year so hope to meet you all then.

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