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March 1, 2006

Phil has just returned from Vinnie’s house in Delaware where he and Vinnie have been working on songs for the new album.In mid-March, all the bandmembers are due to arrive in Hannover, Germanyto start rehearsing and developing the twelve songs that have resulted from the writing sessions. In late March/early April the actual recording will take place. The drums will be recorded in Hannover and the rest in Celle, near Hannover.

The aim is to deliver the finished tracks to the record company sometime in Mayand then there will be some festivals in the summer – see the TOURDATES page for updates as they are announced.

SPV plan to release the new album in late summer/early autumn, and then the band is due to begin touring in October.Andy is in fantastic shape and we all can’t wait to finally start working!

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