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March 3, 2006

Hi ALL! Over the last couple of months I’ve been extremely busy with production work (Recording, Mixing, Mastering Etc).

One of my most recent jobs I was given was by a record company to remix the hard rock band “Bullet Boys” two singles in their past success “Smooth Up” and “THC Groove” for a re-release on a 80s metal Compilation CD. The original masters were recorded and mixed at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. When not being pleased with the final product they called upon me to do the mixes. Mind you, these songs were re-record and I was asked to mix them as close to the original Warner Bros recording as I possibly could.

I thank the record company for giving me this opportunity and you or anyone you know would like production their recordings… Please feel free to contact me by leaving me a message on myspace.

Thanks for your time!


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