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March 3, 2006

Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Evan Seinfeld and Jason Bonham Come Together to Resuscitate Hard Rock for VH1’s ‘SuperGroup’

‘SuperGroup’ Premieres Thursday May 18 10PM *

NEW YORK — While Ozzfest may prosper and MotleyCrue shows sell out, the kingdom of hard rock, still waits for a powerfulforce to regain dominion over the power chords cut by crunk, pop-punk, andindie rock. Fortunately, VH1 has assembled some of the heaviest rock icons,who stand ready to thrash a new trail of carnage and excess and to lead thehard rock world as their new gods of thunder.

VH1’s “SuperGroup:” Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Evan Seinfeldand Jason Bonham, are poised to re-conquer the rock world (and hopefullyspread a little debauchery and black leather in the process) in the ultimatemusical experiment. Premiering Thursday May 18 at 10:00 p.m., “SuperGroup”will bring together these five hard rocking icons and present them with theopportunity to create the heaviest ‘SuperGroup.’ Ultimately viewers will seewhether or not band will come together as hard rock’s saviors or simplyimplode.

Over a of period two weeks in Las Vegas, legendary rock manager, DocMcGhee, will shepherd the group towards their fate as hard rock heroes. As arespected manager, he automatically commands the respect of the band membersand is not afraid to crack the whip. He’s a taskmaster with a two-weekdeadline that can’t be missed. On day one, Doc will clearly lay out thestakes, goals, and the limited time that the SuperGroup truly has torevitalize and rule hard rock.

Their quest will culminate with a massive concert at The Empire Ballroomin Vegas. Yet the question remains, hard rock is ready to be saved but is the”SuperGroup” ready to save hard rock?

“SuperGroup,” is produced by 3Ball Productions and Moving Pictures, DPI inconjunction with VH1. Jim Ackerman serves as Executive Producer for VH1. TroySearer, John Foy, Todd Nelson and J.D. Roth serve as Executive Producers for3Ball. Peter Jaysen serves as Executive Producer for Moving Pictures, DPI, theTV/film/DVD division of Dennis Publishing US. Rick Krim and Bruce Gillmerserve as Co-Executive Producers for VH1. Christian McLaughlin serves asSupervising Producer for VH1.

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