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March 9, 2006

Hello everybody, happy new year to all. Yeah, we know it’s March but we have been working hard behind the sences. Suncity Records has just celebrated it’s first year in business. We have plenty of albums that we have planned for you guys to spice the new year up a little.

Suncity Records are extremely proud to announce the first signing of the year being one of the best hard rock singers in the industry, Daniel MacMaster. Daniel’s claim to fame was being the front man of U.K. Hard Rock super group “Bonham”. Bonham first gained natural attention due to the fact they featured legend, John Bonham’s son Jason behind the skins. Bonham were sign to WTG/Sony and burst upon the U.S. music scene in 1989 with their Bob Ezrin produced debut album, The Disregard Of Time Keeping. It would go gold behind the hit singles “Wait For You” and “Guilty”, and reach #38 on the Billboard charts. After touring hard promoting their debut there was a three-year absence from the studio. By demand, the band started writing new tracks, which brought about the 1992 follow up album, Mad Hatter. After 1992 we all know what happened to the music industry and the rest is history.

Daniel MacMaster’s solo album will be titled Rock Bonham… And The Long Road Back and will include 4 unreleased bonus tracks from the Bonham years that were recorded in their heyday and are in my opinion the best songs the band ever recorded. The music you will be hearing from Daniel grows on you with every spin, like a fine bottle of wine, it only gets better with time.

If I was asked to say who Daniel sounds like, I would definitely say Anthony Corder of Tora Tora fame. This guy gives you Goosebumps with the passion he exudes. No set-in-stone release date yet but you could expect it out in a month or two.

Click on the link below to hear what I believe will be hailed melodic rock hit song of the year, the sensational opening track “Bleeding Hearts Collide”, Daniel couldn’t have packed more emotion into this number if he tried, real bone chilling stuff. Just keep in mind that it is yet to be re-mastered.

Daniel MacMaster – Bleeding Hearts Colide

Daniel has also been extra busy of late, as he has been hard at work writing and recording an all new record. The new album will be titled “Never Ever Done” and will be due out sometime this year so keep your ears peeled.

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