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March 9, 2006

Well there’s been no action ’round here lately so I thought I’d drop by to let you people know that we have been talking about doing some shows this summer. I will come back and update Ya’ll when it is all set for sure…JK has been singing vocals in the studio with BW, I have been working my ass of with FHB doing shows, Troy has been doing the same with his projects and Tommy has been chillin’ in FLA with his family…

TESLA is working out some bugs and Tom Zutaut, our original A/R guy and the man who helped us in the beginning is back with us in full force as our manager working on the long awaited projects like the Box set and Covers CD.

Again, we will try to update the news and give you info asap…we will be back once everything is put into it’s place.

Thanks for waiting, FRANK

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