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March 14, 2006

Eric Carr newly discovered, unreleased Music covers 1984-1991

Many Preformed by Eric Carr, some written with Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick & more. Plus, an original never released 1967 acoustic version of “Your Turn to Cry” sung by Eric Carr and featureing a surprise guest on lead vocals. Stay tuned for more info.

This Exclusive EP will feature songs written and preformed by Eric Carr, & friends. Many are newly discovered. One song which, Eric wrote the lyrics for in 1991, has recently been completed and recorded, called ” Elephant Man” The was the last song Eric wrote for Kiss, which he was go to present, to them, for consideration on the next album. Eric’s lyrics were carefully combined with a heart warming heavy metal ballad melody, Music written by Nick Clemente ( photo to the left) & Bob GilMartin. Eric himself, would have loved the results if he were here today. There will also be a 1984 song written by Eric, which was presented to Kiss for Animalize, called Called “Midnight Stranger”Written, by Carr and entirely preformed by Carr.

Plus! one of Eric’s favorite songs, which he co-wrote with Gene Simmons and Adam Mitchellcalled “DIAL L FOR LOVE” . Eric Carr would often refer to this song in interviews as one of his favorites. There will also be a never released Tiara demo. Want more? CD will also feature a complete song written and preformed by Eric Carr and Mitch Weissman, ( Mitch wrote many Kiss album songs. The song is called “The Troubles inside You” featuring Eric Carr on drums, guitars, & background vocals. Weissman on bass and lead vocals. There are many more surprises including Eric Carr singing an original 1967 song, acoustically (never released), which will feature a special singing guest. A 1973 TV interview, released in it’s entirety. Watch for the latest updates!! You will be able to purchase this long awaited CD, or download your choice of songs here at

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