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March 16, 2006

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all details about the highly anticipated new GLENN HUGHES studio album.

Glenn recorded the album at the Hollywood Hills home of none other than RED HOT CHILI PEPPER’s drummer, Chad Smith, who will also be playing drums on the record. Joining Glenn and Chad were long-standing musical partner JJ Marsh on guitar and another RED HOT CHILI PEPPER, John Frusciante, who also plays guitar on the album;

“While writing new music for this record, Chad and I thought it would be great to have John come in, write and play on a couple of the tunes”, Glenn says. “John has written a song specifically for me”. Smith also co-produced Hughes’ 2005 album “Soul Mover” with Glenn, and fills the same role on the new release.

The record, entitled “Music For The Divine”, features such tracks as “This House”, “Black Light”, “Stepping On” and “The Valiant Denial”.

“….the title is very important to me”, explains Glenn. “When you hear the music, you’ll understand the meaning. The title speaks to me, as all the previous one’s have. Divine is goodness and is a statement to the fans that really understand my music”.

“The album has deep lyrical and spiritual meaning”, according to the great “Voice of Rock” and, “once again is where I’m at, at the present time. I do not wish to tread into the past and so this album is a major step forward to me. This is my most honest and artistic album. I am very glad to know that things have continued to grow along spiritual lines”. “Because of the amazing changes in my life, that have happened since ‘Soul Mover'” continues Hughes, “it has given me a creative output and encouragement to make this new album. When I was growing up in England, my favourite bands & artists were always growing and morphing and continually reinventing themselves and this CD, I believe, has captured all of those elements”.

Mix engineer for the record is Ryan Hewitt (RHCP, BON JOVI, BILLY JOEL, U2).

It sounds like it’s gonna be one divine album! Expect a release date in early June.

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Frontiers Records is very pleased to announce TOTO’s participation in the German TV show WETTEN DASS on April 1st.

Since 1981 this TV show, hosted by Thomas Gottschalk, is the biggest prime time spectacle in whole Europe, with over 15 million people watching the show every time.

TOTO will present their new single “Bottom Of Your Soul” taken from the album “Falling In Between” together with a brief medley of some of their older songs. Don’t miss it!


SOUL DOCTOR singer Tommy Heart is currently busy recording the vocals for the new FAIR WARNING album and also looking forward to the first confirmed shows with SOUL DOCTOR for the year 2006. Here they come:
Rock Of Ages Festival 28.07.2006with TWISTED SISTER, URIAH HEEP, UFO, ASIA, ANDY SCOTT’S SWEET, FISH, GOTTHARD & EVIDENCE ONE plus 3 more bands.

Complete dates are as follow:
12.05.2006 E-Madrid, Club Ritmo Y Compas
13.05.2006 E-Santander, Club Dmanu
26.05.2006 D-Lubeck, Rider’s Cafe
27.05.2006 D-Berlin, Club Kato
21.07.2006 D-Spitzing/ Schliersee, Blaze Of Glory Festival
22.07.2006 D-Juterbog, Motorcycle Jamboree Festival
28.07.2006 D-Seebronn near Rottenburg, Rock Of Ages Festival

More shows will be added soon.

SOUL DOCTOR are looking for an opener for the Berlin show on May 27th and would like to offer bands interested to rock with them on that show to send in a demo or CD plus biography to the following address: Soul Doctor GbR, P.O. Box 950222, 12462 Berlin, Germany. Deadline for submitting packages will be: 15.04.2006.

Tommy Heart and guitarist Chris Lyne will personally choose the band to open the gig. Travel and accomodation will have to be taken care off by the opener; all local stuff at the venue will be provided by SOUL DOCTOR.


From today on the ways of guitar-player BARISH KEPIC and the remaining JADED HEART-musicians AXEL KRUSE (drums), HENNING WANNER (keys), MICHAEL MUELLER (bass) and JOHAN FAHLBERG (vocals) are being separated. The extremely friendly “divorce” was agreed by both parties and therefore there will be no unqualified “media-massacre”. KEPIC, constant band-member and co-songwriter since 1998, will soon return musically while the rest of the guys will play the nearest festival-shows coming with a substitute guitar-player. Till the headlining-tour kicks off in May (with MAD MAX and PAGANINI) JADED HEART will present a new, permanent axe-man. Auditions are already scheduled.

Break Out, Rock It, Musix, Melodic Journey, My Revelations, MusicBuyMail present:
01.05. Berlin, Rock Style
02.05. Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
03.05. Ingolstadt, Paradox
04.05. Osnabrueck, Lagerhalle
05.05. Pfungstadt, Steakhaus Gaucho
06.05. Hamburg, Headbangers Ballroom
07.05. Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle/T-Club
08.05. Wetzlar, Franzis
09.05. CH-Uster/Zuerich, Rock City
10.05. Muenchen, Kleine Elserhalle
12.05. ES-Santander, Dmanu
13.05. ES-Madrid, Ritmo y Compas

Tourpromoter: Break Out Promotion
Tel.: +49 (0) 7251-981 672


A sample of the forthcoming “Acoustic TV Broadcast” – the new DVD from legendary ASIA founders John Wetton and Geoff Downes – is now available on the MULTIMEDIA – VIDEO page on the Frontiers Records website or following this link. Featured is the acoustic version of the ASIA hit “Heat of the Moment”.

The DVD will be released – together with its companion on CD, on April 21st. Enjoy !


Sound & Vision, in cooperation with Frontiers Records, is pleased to announce release parties for the following Frontiers artists in the biggest rock club in Athens called Texas Club.

MARCH 16 – Valentine “The Most Beautiful Pain”
MARCH 23 – Andersen/Laine/Readman “Three”


VALENTINE’s new studio album “The Most Beautiful Pain” is about to be released in Europe on March 24th. Robbie Valentine sent us a brief description of the songs included in the album in his “own words”:

This is one of the pop-metal songs of the album. Like ‘New World’. A bit of nu-metal combined with clear harmonies/melodies and song structure . For months and months I was waiting for my girl to come back to me. We were, as I thought, temporary separated. Living 2000 km apart. As a result of this waiting I hardly worked or wrote anything. It felt my life was on hold and would start again once she would return. At one point I realized she didn’t have the intention to come back to me after all. That she was keeping secrets but for some reason kept me dangling. Big desperation and knowing deep down inside that it was over made me start recording and writing again. It was the only way for me to get through, to put my emotions into songs, as a safe haven to deal with the pain of losing her and deal with the fading hope. Making music was the only way not to go insane completel y. In this song I can hear I still have hope , but being very upset.

This was the first song I recorded for TMBP. It’s about hate towards how it generally works in life. That people lose their identity and become slaves to the system , and the need to belong. A melodic heavy guitar mid-tempo song. A pop metal-track. With my good old friend Johan Willems joining me in the harmonies.

My anti Anti-Depression medicine song. Beyond a ‘Most Beautiful Pain’ feeling, I couldn’t hardly make it through the day because of heavy depressions. This song is literally a constant fight against taking anti-depression medicine. But sometimes it feels like the only way. Got the medicine, but the fear it would numb me and take away the spare moments of creativity luckily kept me from taking it.

This is my Backstreet Boys/Britney Spears – song. For all you metal-heads out there!

Piano rock-ballad. Expressing my big desperation about losing the one I loved. I remember recording this track as a quick demo, with a drum-machine, for the drummer to rehearse. When I wanted to record the vocal on the final recording again, it couldn’t be done. It was just too painful to reproduce the ‘pain’ I captured on the quick vocal-take recorded for the demo that had the intention I wanted. So I used that vocal-track.

SHE (Abandoned Heart)
Inspired by some New Romantic bands from the mid 80’s and David Bowie from that era. First time I sang lower than I usually do.

An ode to Magnum ice cream that became my addiction. In the past I wrote some long and epical pieces of music. I was asked frequently to record more of these rock opera type of tracks. Being fed up with recording long tracks and with that question I called this short song ‘Magnum opus’. The title suggests a big rock opera or something like it, while it’s just a silly 60’s type of song. It appears to be about a girl but in the end it turns out to be about Magnum Ice-cream. Maybe they can adopt it as their anthem. That would be my dream, full circle.

One of my Tori Amos inspired songs. Like ‘Believing Is Seeing’ and ‘Not In A Million Years’ on my previous album. Recorded with my favourite drummer friend Juan van Emmerloot.

Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” was the inspiration for the verses. The beat especially. It’s a diverse track, with a small piano-concert intermezzo, an up-tempo chorus and a boogie middle part that turns out in heavy-metal opera. Some ‘The Sweet ‘ like choirs done with the help of Johan Willems. I couldn’t get a good drum sound when mixing it. Technically I’m dramatic. Arjen Lucassen helped me out by mixing the song in his studio. It’s about getting alienated. Becoming a misanthrope while trying to get the spirit and hope up in times of huge insecurity.

Three little pieces put together. The end part is an attempt of a mid 70’s Brian May type of solo on vaudeville type of music that I had in my head for 10 years. And the middle part, a happy 60’s sounding thing, about a trip to England with my love. And the first part a ballad about childhood memories. How my parents supported me, the music I grew up with, that became like a bible. Queen’s ‘a Night At The Opera’ was the first album I got. ‘Every time I think of You ‘ from the Babys, ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ from ELO… My favourite songs.

A typical AOR mid tempo song. With the typical harmonies in the choirs I did with Johan again. With Noppy Ton from my old late 80’s band 1st Avenue on drums.

I was messing around with a drum-loop, singing some lines over it that reminded me a bit of a Prince type of sound. Maybe because of his song ‘Darling Nikki’ I began to sing ‘Mickey’. It made perfect sense because it was the nickname of the girl that really broke my heart for the first time. I concluded the song with a mid tempo-rock bridge and chorus. Though I must say to regret that. I simply couldn’t come up with something good that really would have fitted the idea and the feel the verse has.

A little sad piano ballad. The first of 5 tracks glued together.

A Roy Orbison bolero. Like ‘Running Scared’.

My Brian May version of the theme of the ‘Back To The Future’ movie. It’s one of my all time favourite movies. Coming from ‘One Heart’ it’s the perfect intro for the next song ‘Now Or Never’. Also the meaning. The whole album I’ve been mourning and moaning about losing my girl. And now it’s time to get back to the future. Get on with life.

An up beat up-tempo rock song with a slice of bombast. Positive lyrics for a change : “Yesterday’s gone forever, live your life it’s now or never”. The whole song’s very much inspired by Brian May’s ‘Back to The Light’ period. With my friend Johan Willems again joining me in the harmonies and singing the lead in the bridges.

An instrumental slow, heavy-beat track based on a metal guitar rif . It sounds like an exodus of elephants. Trying to say with this: habits die hard in the mind of an elephant. The creature with the biggest memory. The ‘exodus’ of moving on in life doesn’t happen over night. Gone is the new positive attitude like in the song before. Back in the rain again that leads into the next solitary track.

Just piano and vocal . I had the grand-piano tuned for recording most of the piano’s on the album. Once that was done I kept on playing through the night because the sound of the piano, all mic’ed up, through the headphones , was very inspiring. Instantly I wrote this song and recorded it. Captured the atmosphere at the moment the song was as close as possible. I wanted this to be a hidden track but mentioned it on the track-list after all, because I don’t want it to be missed. The quickest song I’ve ever written and the first I recorded right after writing it. It’s actually one of my favourites on this record.

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