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March 17, 2006



Give the people what they want!

After three consecutive successful Metal Mania Stripped CD releases (Volume 1: The Ballads, Volume 2: The Anthems and The Stripped Across America Live! DVD), Sidewinder Music has once again paid attention to rock fans and will be releasing five brand new albums by rock’s biggest acts on Tuesday, March 21st.

JACK RUSSELL – In an 80’s musical landscape cluttered with sound-alikes, singer Jack Russell set himself and his band Great White apart from the crowd with howling vocals and a soulful, blues-based sound. He could rock and roll with the best of ’em and led Great White on several tours, where they easily held their own alongside some of rock’s biggest bands of all-time. Since 1978 when Jack Russell and Mark Kendall formed Great White until today, Jack and the band have been delivering the goods. Eventually selling over six million albums and earning a Grammy nomination for the song, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” (Best Hard Rock Performance category), Jack and the band have undeniably left their own mark. This marks Jack’s first solo offering. FOR YOU contains some of the great vocal elements associated with one of the great rock voices of the last 25 years as well as having some of the best musicians including drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa) This is a more personal album and contains some great songs and performances. FOR YOU is now officially available on Sidewinder Music.

ONLY FOR YOU (11 tracks)
Any Kinda Love * Whatever it Takes * Always * Don’t Know Why * For You * The Best Is Yet To Come * Where The Wind Don’t Blow * Paradise * No Time Left * If Not For Love * My Everything

JANI LANE – Always one to have fun, lead vocalist and songwriter Jani Lane thrust the band Warrant to immense heights of popularity shortly after he joined as their singer in 1986. It wouldn’t be long before the act was breaking Van Halen’s attendance record at Gazarri’s on the legendary Sunset Strip with a style all their own. By the end of the decade, they would release their debut, Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and never looked back… It immediately went platinum and captured the attention of rockers across the land. However, it would be their follow up effort Cherry Pie that captured the imagination. Featuring great story telling songs and blonde bombshell Bobbie Brown, the video for the title track became (and for good reason) one of the most requested on MTV. That song – coupled with the success of the other singles, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “I Saw Red” – helped the album * reach the triple-platinum plateau. With cumulative sales of over 8 million units and a stint on VH-1’s Celeb-Fit Reality Show, Jani Lane is back in action and eager to share his solo and songwriting talents with the world. BACK DOWN TO ONE is his first solo effort chock-full of pop rock gems.

BACK DOWN TO ONE (11 tracks)
Funny * Better Than You * Nothing * How A Girl * Back Down To One * Hooked * Twilight * 6 Feet Under * Modern May Love * Wait For Love * Wasted

KIP WINGER – Originally a member of Alice Cooper’s band, Kip Winger came out of virtually nowhere to become a household name in the music world. Hot on the heels of their ’88 debut release, Winger became a fixture on MTV and is wasn’t long before a show called “Headbanger’s Ball” would launch the song, “Madalaine.” Of course, in the late 80’s, power ballads were all the rage and Winger’s best — “Headin’ for a Heartbreak” – found itself running with the pack. And who could forget, “Seventeen?” Certainly no red-blooded American male into girls and rock and roll… Kip and his band (which featured stellar guitarist Reb Beach and monster Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein) continued the trend of ballads with In the Heart of the Young’s “Mile’s Away” (written by band member Paul Taylor). However, sometimes one needs to be reminded that Kip Winger, himself, is deep-seeded in rock… By the time he was 18, his band at the time was opening up for the likes of Zebra and Twisted Sister. A dozen years or so later, he was touring with the Scorpions and covering Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” In the 21st century, he toured with such rock acts as Poison and Whitesnake only proving that for Kip Winger, rock never stops. After 1993’s Pull (which although commercially never really caught on due to the grunge movement, remains the bands best artistic statement), Kip released his first solo album, ThisConversationSeemsLikeADream, in 1996. This offering – containing performances from Jazz/New Age trumpet sensation Chris Botti — pushed his creative boundaries by adding elements not found on previous Winger albums. Kip established himself as one-man tour de force playing thousands of shows alone with only a 12-string guitar all over the world. His latest solo album of new material, SONGS FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR, gets its official North American release 3/21/06. It is a dynamic and diverse CD that shows off all the colors of this talented singer, songwriter, producer and composer.

Cross * Crash the Floor * Sure Was a Wildflower * Two Lovers Stand * Landslide * Faster * Song of Midnight * Free * Only One Word * Resurrection * Everything You Need

THE OUTFIELD – Known for their catchy tunes and energetic live shows, The Outfield – the trio of Tony Lewis, John Spinks and Alan Jackman (later replaced by Simon Dawson) – became MTV and radio favorites from the get-go in 1985 with their debut, Play Deep (now triple platinum). The album would spawn a series of hit singles including “Your Love,” “Say It Isn’t So,” “All The Love in the World” and “Every Time You Cry.” The band was quickly propelled to the forefront of their musical genre and would go on to put out seven studio albums (including 1990’s Diamond Days with the hit “For You”) and three compilation projects over the next 14 years. They had both the look and sound to get noticed… and they did. ANY TIME NOW gets its official release on Sidewinder as the band continues to tour internationally.

ANY TIME NOW (12 tracks)
This Love Affair * Give It All You Got * It’s All About Love * Slow Motion * There She Goes * The Sound Of Love * Heaven’s Little Angel * No Fear * To Be With You * Seven Days * My Only Friend * Photograph

GREAT WHITE – With cuts like and “Save Your Love” along with the rock anthem, “Rock Me,” who could forget Great White’s 1987 breakout album, Once Bitten?” Although their independently released early 80’s effort, Out of the Night, initially garnered label interest, it was Once Bitten and the even more popular Twice Shy (featuring the Top 5 single, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”) that put them on the map. The band would continue to forge their way into metal music’s history as one of the biggest bands to hit the scene. The distinctive rock vocals of Jack Russell combined with the guitar prowess of Mark Kendall provided the backbone of a band that arguably churned out some of the best songs of the metal era… many of which are still played on a daily basis on rock stations throughout America. Great White’s “Face The Day” defines Classic Rock and the band continues to tour and stay connected to their fans. ONCE BITTEN, TWICE LIVE is a brand new amazing, live greatest hits CD that captures the band in top form on New Years Eve 2001. This is the way Great White was meant to be heard!

Desert Moon * Old Rose Motel * Face The Day * On Your Knees * House of Broken Love * Back on the Rhythm * Save Your Love * Play On * Mistabone * Rock Me * Call It Rock’n’Roll * Can’t Shake It * Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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