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March 29, 2006

Cult sleaze rockers Alleycat Scratchmade the long lonely trek from the Bay Area of California to the City OfAngels (and smog, crime and shattered dreams) in the early 90’s to make aname for themselves. And make a name they did. Hailed as one of the topindie glam acts to take the stage, the quartet released their sole albumto date, the bombastic ‘Deadboys In Trash City’ in 1993 to a wealth ofglobal fan and critical acclaim.

Unfortunately for the band, just as the music industry started to takenotice of Alleycat Scratch the musical tide changed and the momentum theband had built suddenly ground to a halt and the band had very few optionsavailable to them. In April of 1994 the inevitable happened and AlleycatScratch pulled the claws out one last time for a packed show at LosAngeles’ famed nightclub The Troubadour. It was their last stand and theywent down fighting as a screaming, blood thirsty audience showed EddieRobison, Devin Lovelace, Bobby “Boa” Dias and Robbi Black theirappreciation by giving their heroes a drunken orgy of a send off that anyof their Sunset Strip predecessors would have been envious of.

Thirteen years later the time has come for the world to revisit the’Deadboys In Trash City’ album via a special CD/DVD package from newreissue label Regeneration Records. Featuring updated artwork, theoriginal ten songs plus two bonus tracks (a cover of The Boomtown Rats’ “IDon’t Like Mondays” and the infamous “Love Song” from the X Rated”Backdoor To The City Of Sin” film) and a DVD comprised of live footageand extra goodies, the package will be unleashed in May of 2006 and willbe the flagship release for Regeneration.

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