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March 31, 2006

Jon Bon Jovi and Habitat forHumanity gave a heart-warming update on the status of their partnership thatbegan in June ’05, broke ground last October, and will build homes inPhiladelphia through Summer ’06 thanks to a newly announced donation fromSprint in partnership with Jon Bon Jovi and the Philadelphia Soul.

Last October, Bon Jovi, Habitat, Philadelphia Soul team members, localvolunteers and families, and corporate sponsors (Comcast, SAP, Sprint, and TheStrober Organization) gathered on a build site in Philly to formally announcea partnership to build two duplexes (four homes). The site also served as thelocation for Bon Jovi’s music video for “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” whichhighlights the efforts of Habitat families and local volunteers whose workcontinues. The video is now in top rotation on VH1, CMT, and GAC andemphasizes the band’s support for Habitat for Humanity and its core mission ofeliminating poverty housing.

During halftime, Jon Bon Jovi and Habitat representatives revealed thatHouse 1 is expected be complete in Mid-May and House 2 will be ready inAugust. On-hand were three of the Habitat families who are in the process ofcompleting the requisite man-hours and courses and have been assigned one ofthese homes. Sprint, who sponsored Bon Jovi’s top-grossing Have A Nice DayTour, presented a check for $200,000 to Habitat for Humanity. That donation,made in partnership with Jon Bon Jovi and the Philadelphia Soul will fund theconstruction of House 3, another two-family townhome, the construction ofwhich will begin in September ’06.

“People around the world have seen and been inspired by Jon Bon Jovi’scommitment to Habitat for Humanity through the video, ‘Who says you can’t gohome,'” said Chris Clarke, senior vice president of Communications forHabitat. “Building on this momentum, we are thrilled that Sprint is furtheringits commitment to creating better communities by working in partnership tobuild additional Habitat homes in Philadelphia with Bon Jovi and thePhiladelphia Soul.”

Tim Block, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia said,”This partnership with the Bon Jovi organization, the Philadelphia Soul,Sprint and other corporate partners has been a godsend for us. The need foraffordable housing in the city of Philadelphia grows bigger each day. Eachhouse we build helps, but the spotlight that groups like these bring to theoverall challenge facing working families is priceless.”

An area-resident known for his community involvement, Jon Bon Joviapproached Habitat in June 2005 with a proposal for a local build on a largescale. To fund the build, Bon Jovi pledged the majority of the band’s videobudget from Island Records, contributed his own money from the Bon Jovi FamilyFoundation and secured additional sponsorship through pre-existingrelationships in the private sector. By setting aside a small sum to documentthe process, the band planned a music video with a “think global, act local”theme.

“These good works with Habitat for Humanity have already made a differenceto families in the city of Philadelphia,” says Jon Bon Jovi, co-owner & co-CEOof The Philadelphia Soul. “Since the inception of the Philadelphia Soul, ourmission was to give back to this community. With the help of our friends atSprint, we will be able to continue fulfilling that goal.”

“Sprint has a long history of creating and supporting programs that enrichour communities and create deeper social commitments,” commented Steve Rogers,Entertainment Marketing Manager at Sprint. “That’s why we are pleased tocontinue our partnership with Jon Bon Jovi, the Philadelphia Soul and Habitatfor Humanity in an effort to make home-ownership a reality for citizens ofgreater Philadelphia.”

About Bon Jovi: Over the last two decades Bon Jovi has earned the respectof the music industry and the loyalty of legions of fans around the globe.They have sold over 100 million albums worldwide and, since forming in 1984,Bon Jovi has performed more than 2500 concerts in 50 countries in front ofmore than 32 million people. In September, 2005 Bon Jovi released their ninthstudio album, Have A Nice Day (Island Records) which has sold over 3 millioncopies. The band is currently on a world-tour.

Bon Jovi is Jon Bon Jovi (vocals/guitar), Richie Sambora (guitars), DavidBryan (keyboards) and Tico Torres (drums/percussion). For more info on BonJovi visit and for more info on the Bon Jovi tour, visit

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