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April 8, 2006

Christian rockers, Liberty N’ Justice are overwhelmed at the success and reviews of there latest All-star CD “Soundtrack Of A Soul.” Being released on March 28th, the CD has already sold just shy of 3,000 copies through there website, online stores, and preorders.

The CD features 17 guest vocalists including Sebastian Bach(VH1 Supergroup Damnocracy), Stephen Pearcy (x-Ratt), Mark Slaughter(Slaughter), Pete Loran (Trixter), Tony Harnell(TNT),Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Oni Logan (Lynch Mob), Jamie Rowe (Guardian) and many more! LNJ has all so brought in Mark from Silent Planet Promotions to handle radio promotions.

The CD will be available from digital downloadable stores (I-tunes, Napster, etc.)May 4th and is still being distributed in North America by Oarfin Distribution (mainstream)and Wesscott Marketing (Christian outlets) the CD can be purchased at Amazon, CBD, retail stores, online stores, and our website (

Speaking of our website stop by as we just posted an interview with our producer, Mike Layne! We have all so posted three complete songs at our myspace page

The CD is being handled in Europe by MTM Music and in North America through LNJ Records.

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