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April 11, 2006

Publisher Chronological Crue has announced the release of two brand-new MOTLEY CRUE books, titled “Motley Crue Down Under: On Tour with The Carnival of Sins” and “What Motley Crue Means to Me: Crueheads Share Their Stories”.

Now available from CafePress, the paperbacks give rock music lovers a unique insight into life on the road with the bad boys of rock ‘n’ roll during their wildly successful comeback tour, as well as short stories showing the huge impact and inspiration of MOTLEY CRUE on the lives of their fans.

After a short intro by the CRUE’s resident on-stage little person Mighty Mike, “Motley Crue Down Under” takes you around Australia with author Paul Miles for six shows in eight days with MOTORHEAD. Readers will see how diehard fan Miles makes his way into the band’s inner-sanctum as he diaries his experiences with MOTLEY’s Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, the CRUE’s crew, the cities he visits, and the people he meets along the way.

“Motley Crue Down Under” is a detailed, first-hand account of MOTLEY CRUE’s massive 2005-2006 Carnival of Sins tour that in two days finally finishes blowing up arenas around the world. The book also features 100-plus pictures from the road, including photos taken by Nikki Sixx and other members of the crew. It’s an “all-access” pass, taking readers in and out of the strip club, the restaurant, the beach, aeroplanes, bars, arenas, hotel rooms, limos, shops, backstage corridors, nightclubs, dressing rooms — even the graveyard!

Like MOTLEY CRUE themselves, their fans have also experienced their fair share of divorce, death, addiction, love, abuse, and incarceration. “What Motley Crue Means to Me” is an eye-opening “by-the-fans, for-the-fans” style collection of short stories from worldwide competition-winning fan contributors, aged 11-41.

Following a foreword by Shaun Pollitt of the band’s own, sixty-nine Crueheads open up their hearts for the whole world to read their stories of how they’ve looked up to the CRUE as family figures, guiding and shaping their worlds, while fellow fans have become the cousins, bonded by the MOTLEY way of life in their veins.

Paul Miles, editor of “What Motley Crue Means to Me” says, “The fans show in this book that it’s the CRUE and their music that they religiously turn to for help to pull them through the ugliest and toughest of times they face in their lives. And the CRUE is always there for them as a positive energy to celebrate with, to wallow with, to vent with, and to be inspired by. You will laugh at the things they have done; fans will nod their heads in agreement as they relate to their feelings.”

The release of these two new MOTLEY CRUE books marks the first foray into traditional publishing by Chronological Crue — the highly-acclaimed rock website at that is used by TV networks, music industry journalists and critics as an invaluable reference on MOTLEY CRUE. With its pages now read well-over four million times, Chronological Crue is considered THE definitive source of fact on the world’s most notorious rock band, and will soon also be available as a three-volume series of books introduced by Neil Strauss — best-selling author of “The Dirt”.

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