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April 13, 2006

In a recent blog posting at, former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum said the following:

Hello my friends,

In NYC right now.
Played here with Camp Freddy on Tuesday in Times Square. It was unbelievable.
We were hanging off the side of a building.
Scott Weiland sang two and Donovan sang one song.
Then after we finished that we went inside and played a set at The Hard Rock Cafe. Great night with a lot of cool guest.
The rest of the band and party went back to LA yesterday but I decided to hang a bit.
Have been to some great clubs and parties.
Went to a Chrome Hearts party the other night.
They make jewelry
And leather.
I met Cher and Usher.
That was a trip to meet Cher.
She was cool.
Also saw old friend Lenny Kravitz there.
Then last night I went to a club called 6 and 8s.
While getting out of the cab I run into Sean Lennon who was leaving and when inside there was AXL ROSE. Oh my God.
I hadn’t seen him in at least 6 years.
I walked over and said Hello.
We shoke hands.
And it was pleasant.
Later that evening I ended up in a loft somewhere in the East Village.
Where Axl was again.
We spoke for quite sometime. And it was nice to clear somethings up.
I told him how great of a frontman he was while I was in the band and no hard feelings from me at all.
It was an all around
Good vibe I think.

After the party ended. Axl gave me a
Ride back to my hotel
In his suburban.

I’m head out now to meet friend Gina Gershon. She knows NY so she can show me around.
Anyway that’s all forNow.

Have Fun and Keep Rockin’


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