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April 25, 2006

April 25, 2006 — Motley Crue has done some sick, crazy, inspiring, amazing and disgusting things since forming in 1981. Their years of chaos are straightened out with authoritive order at Chronological Crue, the highly-acclaimed rock website at For a decade, it has been considered THE definitive source of fact on the world’s most notorious rock band and its members Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Mick Mars.

Chronological Crue is released today as a much-anticipated three-volume series of paperback books, available from CafePress ( to mark the anniversary of the band’s first-ever live show that took place at the Starwood in Los Angeles twenty five years ago. Authored by Paul Miles, the world’s #1 Motley Crue historian (who also wrote the liner notes inside Motley’s first-ever live album), the Chronological Crue series is published as Vol 1. The Eighties, Vol 2. The Nineties, and Vol 3. The Naughties.

After unsuccessfully pitching to the band’s management the idea of turning his history content into a book, Miles was engaged a few years later to analytically assess the manuscript of the Crue’s autobiography as it was in production. The Dirt then went on to spend a record amount of time on the New York Times Bestseller List, and the infamous story is currently being turned into a silver-screen Hollywood movie by Paramount Pictures and MTV Films.

Rich Wilkes, screenwriter of Motley’s movie, called for Miles to assist in verifying the accuracy of his script. “Chronological Crue is without a doubt the definitive Motley Crue reference work. I used it extensively in writing the script of The Dirt and I highly recommend it to not only fans of the band, but anyone with an interest in the history of rock n’ roll,” says Wilkes.

“For contained on the sweaty pages is a treasure trove of sleazy tidbits on not just the band but the slew of other musicians, critics, groupies, scum sucking corporate-types, famous wives and infamous playthings who came across their path. If Motley played with them, partied with them or shagged them silly, it’s there for all to see. It is a compulsive completist’s dream, filled with the sort of arcane minutia that can settle arguments, win bets, or simply allow you to sleep after pondering for hours the exact date of Nikki Sixx’s first overdose in the back alleys of Hammersmith.”

The pages of the popular Chronological Crue website have been read well-over four million times now. Neil Strauss, author of Motley Crue’s book The Dirt and his current best-seller The Game, says, “Reading these books, the entries have morphed so much since I last saw them: hundreds of newer entries have been added and older entries have been expanded and updated to create one of the most accurate, comprehensive, and engrossing chronological compendiums of any band of the era.”

In fact, when Motley Crue themselves were asked about Chronological Crue during their Australian press conference last December, Nikki Sixx said, “I’ve read it before and gone, we did THAT?” while Tommy Lee added, “Paul knows more about us than we know!” Strauss agrees, “He even knows the exact amount of times the word ‘dude’ is used in The Dirt. When I think of Paul, I think of a large roving eye that is constantly following the members of Motley Crue. Every move they make, Paul Miles knows. Every divorce they take, Paul Miles knows. Every press release they fake, Paul Miles knows.”

Chronological Crue’s content has also attracted celebrity fans over the years, like Steve-O, star of MTV’s Jackass and Wildboyz. “Nobody on the planet has dedicated their life to documenting the entire history of Motley Crue more accurately, thoroughly, and continuously than Paul Miles,” he insists. “Rather than recount the story of the most reckless musical act the world has ever seen in the past tense, these books guide you through every step of the way as it all unfolded. Pulling no punches and telling no lies, Paul reveals facts that have been covered up, forgotten, or falsified by every previous account.”

Earlier this month, Miles published the books Motley Crue Down Under: On Tour with The Carnival of Sins and What Motley Crue Means to Me: Crueheads Share Their Stories. He proudly explains that it was the fans that encouraged him to turn their favourite website into book format for these latest releases, “Over the years, I have received many, many emails from fans around the world suggesting that the history be turned into a book, so they can use it as a reference source for all the times they are not online; whether it’s as a handy lounge room fact source to settle a bet between mates, something to read on a flight or holiday, or simply for the enjoyment of reading a filthy book.”

Whatever bets these new three volumes of Chronological Crue paperbacks may be able to resolve, screenwriter Wilkes has a closing message to rock fans: “Now hurry up and buy them so Paul Miles can finally feel as if his life has meaning!” All the unbelievable-but-true stories of the world’s most notorious rock band certainly make for an entertaining read and will likely leave you thankful that your life is not as crazy as Motley’s has been over these last twenty five years.

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