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May 3, 2006

NEW YORK — Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” reigns asthe #1 song in the definitive metal count down “40 Greatest Metal Songs”airing on VH1. The countdown which began Monday, May 1 will culminate onThursday, May 4 at 11 PM* with the top ten songs of all time. Hosted bySebastian Bach (who can be seen on VH1’s “SuperGroup” beginning May 21 at10 PM*,) “40 Greatest Metal Songs,” kicks off its metal month and bringsyou the 40 most notable metal songs of all time in four rockin’ half hourepisodes. Whether epic, political, scary or downright silly, these tuneshave one thing in common: they will rock your friggin’ socks off.

Each half-hour episode of “40 Greatest Metal Songs” will feature VH1’spanel of rock scholars and metal all-stars like Lars Ulrich, Scott Ian,Jerry Cantrell, Ronnie James Dio, Toni Iommi, Dave Mustaine, LemmyKilmister, David Draiman of Disturbed, Frank Bello, Riki Rachtman, JacobyShaddix of Papa Roach, Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard, Tera Patrick, ChrisJericho, Doro Pesch, Dee Snider and many more who will weigh in on thisdefinitive list of the greatest Metal music the world has ever known.

Anthrax front man Scott Ian steps up to the metal month plate bywriting and recording the show’s original theme music, which is a first inVH1 history. Never before has an artist written and recorded the music fora VH1 show that they also appear in.

The top 10 greatest metal songs of all time are:
10. Motorhead — “Ace Of Spades” (1980)
9. Ozzy Osbourne — “Crazy Train” (1980)
8. Slayer — ‘Raining Blood” (1986)
7. Iron Maiden — “The Number of the Beast” (1982)
6. Kiss — ‘Detroit Rock City” (1976)
5. Judas Priest — “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” (1982)
4. AC/DC — “Back in Black” (1980)
3. Metallica — “Master of Puppets” (1986)
2. Guns N’ Roses — “Welcome to the Jungle” (1987)
1. Black Sabbath — “Iron Man” (1971)

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