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May 6, 2006

XYZ frontman Terry Ilous has taken to lending his voice to the worldof television commercials. In his newest voiceover, rock veteran Ilouscan be heard portraying one of the twins frolicking in a town squaresinging about a new Wrigley’s Doublemint product, Doublemint mints.

One of approximately four hundred people who auditioned for the part,Ilous impressed the commercial’s directors with his versatility andstyle. “This jingle was not an easy one to land, and I’m very proud tobe part of the Wrigley’s family.”

Ilous is known for his powerhouse vocals on songs such as “Face DownIn The Gutter” and “Inside Out.” Fluent in French, English andSpanish, Ilous, who earned two Gold Albums during his career, and hasrecorded with members of such diverse bands as Ozzy Osbourne, PeterGabriel, Sting, Steve Wonders, AC/DC, Mariah Carey and many others.Previously signed to Capitol Records, his voice can be heard onnumerous television shows, film soundtracks, and cartoons: “He cansound like the guy next door or a European rock star,” says one topLos Angeles agent.

Terry Ilous is excited about his next project, a sensual Latin rock CDsung entirely in Spanish, which he expects to complete later thisyear.

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