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May 15, 2006

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the European release of, SHARK ISLAND’s, highly anticipated album “Gathering of the Faithful” on July 7th 2006.

Born out of the ashes of, THE SHARKS, SHARK ISLAND was among the biggest and most prolific live acts in Los Angeles. This was in an era when there were literally hundreds of bands playing the Sunset Strip scene. They were trendsetters and imitated by many in the LA club rock scene at the time.

The band’s major debut “Law of the Order” was released in 1989 on Epic Records. It became a cult hit. SHARK ISLAND continued to tour hard, but destiny would dictate that they would not become the megastars many of their followers expected.

The guys eventually went their own ways, reuniting in 2005 under the initiative of executive producer Robert Marshall of Manifest Music who was able to contact guitarist Spencer Sercombe with a proposal; to re-write and give official release to some brilliant tracks that were unfortunately never fully developed.

To facilitate the recording of the new album, Spencer Sercombe flew out from Germany; Christian Heilmann came in from England and a phenomenal new drummer from So Cal, by the name of Glen Sobel (Beautiful Creatures, Ken Tamplin) joined the lineup. “The creative environment for “Gathering of the Faithful”, was simply mammoth”, states singer Richard Black.

After 9 months of work, the brand new studio album “Gathering of the Faithful” is now complete. Richard Black says: “I think stylistically, it is closer to the original concept of SHARK ISLAND. What we have here is some new, some old, blended with wisdom and aged like fine 12 year old scotch. You can’t rush that”.

“Gathering of the Faithful” shall include the following tracks (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample)
Blue Skies, Tomorrow’s Child; The Stranger; Go West; Welcome Goodbye; Life Goes On; Down To The Ground; Looking For The Sun; Heaven; I Had A Dream; Will To Power; Need Your Love; Temptation.

Long time fans of the band have something great to look forward to. And for those of you, to whom the band is new, welcome to SHARK ISLAND, enjoy!


The legendary “Voice of Rock” presents his brand new album “Music For the Divine” to be released in Europe on June 9th 2006 on Frontiers Records in his own words. Enjoy the read !

Valiant Denial
With each album I record I like to have an opening track that signifies what kind of record I am about to make. With the guitar introduction and the bombastic drums, bass, grand piano and guitar, it grabs the listener. This track is one of my all time favourites.

Stepping On
What can I say? This is the classic funk rock performance with the introduction with my own special synth wah bass groove.

Monkey Man
This song just really moves. An amazing hook in the chorus with super funk verse.

This House
Quite possibly one of the finest I have written in my career. This song should be heard all over the world on the radio.

You Got Soul
I wanted to put on the album a fierce funk rock track featuring the super lung style of singing that my rock fans love. As with some tracks on the album, I am playing funk guitar on this song.

I first wrote and sang this song on acoustic guitar and when I first played it to Chad and when his wife walked in the room and heard it, she cried. It is a sad but beautiful song. One of my favourites.

Three years ago a good friend of mine Lana Clarkson was found dead in music producer Phil Spector’s home. As I release this album he goes on trial for her allegedly killing her. I am very angry and I vented my frustration out in this song.

Nights in White Satin
The first collaboration I did with John and Chad from RHCP. what can you say about this it is probably one of the best cover songs I have ever done. Frusciante rules.

Too High
Big rock groove with one of the voices appearing from outer space in the chorus. Great live song.

This is How I Feel
When I played this song to Chad Smith, we both thought John Frusciante would be perfect to play on this. It signals a new era of song writing for me which basically has been inside of me for many years, but I walked through the fear to record this song.

The Divine
The closer on my album is an autobiographical of the changes that have happened in my life all coming to a climax of emotion announcing my divine path of spiritualism.

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