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May 17, 2006


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Location: Elk Grove, IL, U.S.A
Description: BARRACUDA
Biography: “One of the best hard rock bands we’ve heard.” – Billboard Magazine

BARRACUDA first started kicking it in 1988 with the world wide release of their first cd “Open Fire”. Touring heavily in support of the release, USA and overseas radio began spinning BARRACUDA’S first hits, Memory, and Superhero. MTV gave them a huge push forward with a string of videos running on the original Headbangers Ball. Europe fell for BARRACUDA in a big way during the 1990’s. With record labels like Sony including BARRACUDA on various soundtracks and compilation releases through the years, BARRACUDA has maintained a concrete foundation of fans all over the world.

“Unacceptable Practices” continues BARRACUDA’S legacy with that signature heavy melodic sound they have always been known for. Commercial hits a-plenty, BARRACUDA’S latest cd, “Unacceptable Practices”, is a rock monster with heavy guitar and thick high vocals. Eleven tracks total, the disk contains 2 live tracks, and hit anthem “Brothers” which is dedicated to our men and women of the armed forces.

“Great Songs, Patrick Pulver’s vocals perfectly compliment the guitar wizardry of Sean Colligan on this rock monster”. – CMJ

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