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May 31, 2006

Former TYKETTO and WAYSTED singer DANNY VAUGHN has recently posted some news concerning his brand new record in the works: “The new album will be called “Traveler” says Danny, who adds “The thing that has impacted the most change on the writing of this album is the fact that I am using the same band that I have been touring with over the past year or more. They are: Tony Marshall (Contagious): guitar and vocals, Pat Heath(Brave New World): guitar, Steve McKenna (Ten): bass and vocals, and Lee Morris (Paradise Lost): drums and vocals. There will be keys on the album and our friend, Johnny Larson has been kind enough to give us some of his time and talents to make this thing sound really full.”

Danny continues: “This is the first time that I have ever worked using a two guitar attack and that has made some big changes in my sound. It’s the most cliche thing in the world for bands to say that their new album is “heavier” than their last one, but I can’t think of a better way to describe it. While all the elements of my usual song writing style are there, there is much less of a reliance on acoustic instruments than on previous albums. Yes, there are still a couple of acoustic songs (it wouldn’t be me without them) but, the number of fast paced rockers is much higher than I have done before. We are planning on recording 13 tracks for the album. It will be a tough choice to pick which one to leave off as a bonus track but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Some of the songs on which Danny is working on include: Miracle Days; Lifted; Speaking In Tongues; The Warrior’s Way; Think Of Me In The Fall; That’s What She Says; The Measure Of A Man; Restless Blood; Death Of The Tiger; Traveler; Better By Far; Badlands Rain; The Touch Of Your Hand

“What I am most pleased about is that the songs have a very “classic” feel to them. The band’s reaction to them has been that the songs are a really perfect fusion of the TYKETTO style and the VAUGHN style”, concludes Danny.

Recording starts on June 3rd and the release of the record is planned for the fall on Frontiers Records. Don’t miss VAUGHN live at UNITED FORCES OF ROCK II Festival in Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart), Germany on October 1st 2006.

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