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June 6, 2006

Lydia Criss, former wife of original KISS drummer Peter Criss, will make her KISS book, “Sealed with a Kiss,” available in late summer 2006 exclusively through her Web site, Lydia (who was married to Peter from 1970-1979) is self-publishing this insider’s look at the glory years of KISS. “Sealed with a Kiss” is an imposing book in both size and scope. Measuring 10″ x 12″, “Sealed with a Kiss” is over 350 pages overflowing with more than 1,500 never-before-published images. The 125,000-word manuscript is already finished and the graphic-rich layout is nearing completion as well.

Sealed With A Kiss

Lydia witnessed the amazing success KISS achieved in their early days when they catered to their fans’ every whim, and she’s actively sought fans’ opinions throughout the book’s development, designing “Sealed with a Kiss” with their wishes in mind. Among the vast collection of photos and graphics are nearly 100 images from KISS’s debut year (1973) alone – go onstage, backstage, and in the studio with KISS when they were nothing more than a local New York club band. In response to repeated requests from KISS fans, the overwhelming majority of the photos are captioned with the exact date and location of where/when they were taken.

“Sealed with a Kiss” is divided into three sections, each covering a particular era of Lydia’s colorful life:

* Section I: July 3, 1966 (the day she first met Peter) – 1973. Six chapters.* Section II: 1974 – 1979. Thirteen chapters.* Section III: 1980 – Present. Four chapters. * The final chapter is dedicated to an archive of Peter Criss’s club days, detailing the date and location of over 500 gigs Peter did prior to joining KISS.

Lydia is considering promoting her book with a trailer consisting primarily of her long-lost 1970s home movies of KISS. A 20- to 30-minute version of the trailer is also being considered for screening purposes during personal appearances on her book tour.

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