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June 14, 2006

A man convicted of killing a call girl who was once married to former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent had his appeal rejected Wednesday by the state Appellate Court.

Gregory McArthur, formerly of Hartford, maintained that two drug dealers were probably responsible for the slaying of AnnMarie Cusano in 1998.

On appeal, he argued there was not enough evidence to justify his manslaughter conviction, and that a judge improperly barred statements about one of the drug dealers from closing arguments.

But the court found there was sufficient evidence, including a taped confession and testimony that McArthur led police to Cusano’s remains, to convict him of manslaughter.

According to the tape, Cusano – who usually served wealthy customers – told McArthur she wasn’t comfortable staying with him at a Hartford boarding house.

McArthur said the two argued because she wanted to leave and she refused to take his money. He said there was a struggle, and at one point he held Cusano in a headlock. When he let go, he said, she collapsed and was no longer breathing.

A witness testified McArthur traded Cusano’s car for crack cocaine, and took from her purse $30, a bank card, and an American Express card belonging to Vincent, the one-time Kiss guitarist whose real name is Vincent Cusano. He and AnnMarie Cusano were briefly married in the 1980s.

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