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June 16, 2006

Suncity Records are proud to announce the signing of the masters of the Sunset Strip, Blackboard Jungle.

Originally from New Jersey, Britt Pennella, and Kenny Price moved to Los Angeles in the mid 1980’s where theyBlackboard Jungle thought they had a much better chance to make a name for themselves. They started up a glam rock band called Filthy Ritz. Filthy Ritz gathered up quite a strong fan base in a very small period of less than six months. Just as Filthy Ritz were starting to headline their own shows and make a name for themselves, the band decided to call it quits due to a few personality clashes. Britt and Kenny hooked up with Dave Zinc and Joel Faith and decided to start up another band and that’s when Blackboard Jungle was born.

Blackboard Jungle were one of the more diverse hard rock bands from the strip with a style of their very own. To me, they drew similarities with Australia’s very own Candy Harlots and even early Vain. Singer, Kenny Price has a unique and very distinctive voice along the same lines as Davy Vain.

Blackboard Jungle covered more ground and got more press than any unsigned band to ever come out of L.A. Sporting a resume’ that starts with a 12 song cd entitled “I Like It Alot” on Church Records which was produced by Brent Muscat. As well as extensive touring with the likes of Faster Pussycat, Gene Loves Jezabel, Filthy Lucre, Hole, Love Hate and these guys even opened for Cheap Trick.

Blackboard Jungle went to Japan in 1992 for about two weeks, playing sold out shows for up to 2,500 people and recorded BBJ-Live In Japan 1992 vhs. One of the songs recorded for the live set in Japan will be featured on the upcoming album which incidently will be called “Welcome To The Blackboard Jungle”. Brent Muscat also produced two songs that appear on the Japanese motion picture soundtrack for “He Is Werewolf King”.

1993 for Blackboard Jungle was spent touring and recording demos with Bill Kennedy who worked with Nine Inch Nails on Broken and Fixed for an upcoming album called “America Now” that was released in 1994 and went on to a mini tour of Germany.

More recording, local shows and shuffling band members took up most of 1994. Blackboard Jungle was one of the three finalists for FOX 11 L.A. unsigned band contest, which received over 2,500 entries. Blackboard Jungle went on to win this contest and appeared live on national T.V. twice to perform and accept the honour.

Then came the dreaded 1995. More shuffling of band members, the death of Laz (R.I.P.), the loss of 7 Seas and the departure of Dave eventually resulted in the end of Blackboard Jungle. The only good thing to come out 1995 was Kenny, Britt and Joel recording together for one last time.

Check out the killer track entitled “Sweet Elaine”. “Sweet Elaine” went down very well live and still to this day remains a real crowd pleaser.

Blackboard Jungle – Sweet Elaine

There will be another news update in a couple of days with the unveiling of the front covers of Daniel MacMaster’s Rock Bonham…. And The Long Road Back album and Sweet Teaze’s Groovin’ On The Backside. So stay tuned!!

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