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June 21, 2006

Check out our MySpace page! We got the final mix of this song today and we thought we’d post it to share with our MySpace buds. Beau Hill who produced Ratt, Winger and a ton of other mega-platinum bands is mixing our CD. Beau also produced an album called Midnite Dynamite by a lil’ ol’ band by the name of KIX!

So if you like it – add the song and spread the word! Look for the new album soon!

Oh, and uh, Steve says “HAAY!”

Steve Whiteman and Jimmy Chalfant, former singer and drummer of Atlantic Records platinum selling, rock-n-roll powerhouse KIX, are no strangers to fans and critics alike. What the world may not know is that when KIX disbanded in 1994, Steve and Jimmy kept moving forward. Without missing a beat, their no-frills, hard rocking party-time rock and roll (read: AC/DC and Aerosmith) is still making waves as an even higher energy, big melody, hard rocking machine called FUNNY MONEY. Lets face it, the signature KIX sound is etched in stone by Steve Whitemans unique and incredibly strong vocal style and Jimmy Chalfants tribal, rock-solid hard-rock beat; so if you loved KIX, youll propose marriage to the huge guitars, precision groove, and harmonic bliss known as FUNNY MONEY!!!

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