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June 22, 2006

Few rock icons in recent years have been thrust into the spotlight as much as former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach.

Whether he’s performing on Broadway, hosting television shows on VH1, starring in a reality series or sharing the stage with Axl Rose, Bach is back on the rock and roll map.

His outspoken attitude and love for rock and roll is obvious, which is probably why he’s been asked to represent mainstream headbangers in recent times.

“I didn’t ever figure out why I get the things I do, but I am the luckiest guy in rock,” Bach said, followed by his signature laugh during a telephone interview with the Tribune from a tour stop in London. Bach was touring Europe with Guns N’ Roses, a gig that had him on stage with Rose every evening performing the song, “My Michelle.”

“For VH1 to treat me the way they do and for Axl Rose to say ‘come and open the tour,’ it’s like what the hell? Really, sometimes I gotta pinch myself because I’m so happy doing what I’m doing,” he said.

Besides his musical accomplishments, Bach has been the star of Broadway productions like “Jekyll & Hyde,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” and also can be found playing the role of Gil on the WB’s “The Gilmore Girls.” His marriage was featured in a VH1 reality show called “I Married … Sebastian Bach.” He has hosted several shows on VH1, most recently the “Top 40 Metal Songs of All Time.”

Currently Bach stars in the hit VH1 reality show, “SuperGroup,” which brings five rock stars together in a house to produce music for an impromptu performance days later.

Whether it’s being noticed for his music, or for his antics on television, Bach is just happy to be in the spotlight.

“Back in the late ’80s, they played these things called rock videos. They were like little movie clips … film clips of the songs,” Bach said with a hint of sarcasm. “Now they don’t make rock videos anymore, really. Now, MTV and VH1 are mostly reality shows. If they change the format, but I’m still on (TV), then I’m down with that.

“All that means is when I come into your town, you’re gonna come see the show, so I’m definitely fine with that.”

Skid Row enjoyed rock video successes with songs like “18 and Life” “I Remember You,” “Youth Gond Wild,” and “Slave to the Grind.”

The “SuperGroup” producers chose Bach as vocalist, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, Biohazard bassist Evan Seinfeld, Foreigner drummer Jason Bonham, son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, and guitarist Ted Nugent as the core of the band, ultimately named Damnocracy.

Also seen on the show has been Evan Seinfeld’s adult-film star wife, Tera Patrick, who was born in Great Falls as Linda Ann Shapiro.

In a fusion of “The Osbournes” meets “The Real World,” “SuperGroup” is a seven-part series that gives the forced bandmates 12 days to produce music for a live show. Along the way, the Damnocracy members argue and disagree, a key ingredient for a good reality TV show.

“This show seems to be interested in the personalities of rock and roll. To me the music’s more interesting than that,” Bach explained. “Maybe people like seeing guys fight … and stuff like that. It is interesting to see the choices that we all make. It’s an interesting insight into what’s important to each one of us.”

Those familiar with “SuperGroup” know about Bach and his bombastic approach to molding the band. Everyone from the band’s publicists to the manager to bassist Seinfeld have come to blows with Bach during the series.

“If me and Evan get in a fight or I get drunk, or Ted Nugent gets mad at me ’cause I’m too drunk … it’s very interesting to see all of that unfold. The exposure you get on these shows is outrageous,” Bach said, noting his inability to conform to ways others demand from him. “It’s like, we want you to do a reality show, but don’t tell me what my reality is. Don’t say ‘OK, Sebastian, this is your reality.’ I’ll never do that. I know how to sing in a rock band.”

Although there have been some obstacles, Bach has had no regrets from appearing on the show and even hinted that there might be a second season.

“I love the show,” he said. “People are driving past my house going, ‘SuperGroup!’ It is getting kind of crazy. My life is exploding again, which is fun. But you asked for it, you got it, here it is. Get ready.”

Look for Bach to release his long-awaited solo album, “Angel Down,” in September. The singer plans on entering the studio this month to track the album, just before heading back out on the road for more opening gigs with Guns N’ Roses, and playing shows with Kiss and Alice In Chains in Japan.

“I’m extremely excited because I’ve been working on this album for five years, at least, which is a long time. Not quite as long as Axl, but it’s still pretty long,” Bach said with a laugh. “It’s really a great time for rock and roll.”

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