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June 23, 2006

TIGERTAILZ (featuring Pepsi Tate, Jay Pepper, Kim Hooker and Matt Blakout) have today (22/06/06) received the UK Patent Office ruling on their opposition to the registration of the TIGERTAILZ name as a Trade mark made by Steevi Jaimz. Jaimz, a former vocalist with TIGERTAILZ, was replaced by Kim Hooker back in 1988.

The background to this case is that Steevi Jaimz (and an associate) registered the TIGERTAILZ name as a Trade Mark with the UK Patent Office in June 2004. On hearing of this registration the original TIGERTAILZ band members Pepsi Tate and Jay Pepper (along with later member Kim Hooker) launched a formal opposition to this registration with the Patent Office in October 2004. Their opposition was based on the following Trade Mark Law sections:

Section 3(6) – the registration made by Steevi Jaimz was made in bad faith
Section 5(4) – the law of passing off

After 2 years of formal proceedings and evidence submission the final Patent Office hearing was held on Tuesday 30th May 2006 with the formal decision being delivered in writing on Tuesday 20th June 2006.

On the 2 main counts of opposition brought against Steevi Jaimz registration the hearing officer up-held Pepsi Tate, Jay Pepper and Kim Hooker’s claims as follows:

1. He ruled that in all circumstances the opposition succeeds in Section 5(4)a – Steevi Jaimz is indeed ‘passing off’ as TIGERTAILZ

2. He also ruled that opposition succeeds in Section 3(6) – Steevi Jaimz registered the TIGERTAILZ name as a Trade Mark in bad faith.

In summary, after 2 years of legal wrangle we are pleased to announce that we have won our case with regard to our right to the TIGERTAILZ name.

Many thanks for your support through this difficult time.

Best Regards

Pepsi Tate, Jay Pepper, Kim Hooker, Matt Blakout


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