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June 29, 2006

Bad boy rocker Tommy Lee provoked a “pushing match” in a Los Angeles night club on Tuesday after television hunk Johs Duhamel reportedly rushed him taking a pee.

The Motley Crue drummer was in a bathroom cubicle at hotspot Bella when the star banged furiously on the door, urging the occupant to hurry up.

When told who was using the toilet, Duhamel allegedly sneered, “Tommy who? Tommy Lee, who cares?”

Onlookers say an enraged Lee marched out of the cubicle and initiated a “pushing match” which reportedly left Duhamel sprawled on the floor.

Lee’s publicist confirmed the spat to the New York Daily News, but denied any physical violence, adding, “Tommy remained and finished his dinner” while Duhamel was evicted.

The TV star’s rep insisted she finds it difficult to believe her client would become embroiled in a fight.

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