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June 30, 2006

How the cock rockers scored a hit with “Crazy Bitch”

Watch the uncensored “Crazy Bitch” video.

As recently as April, Nineties cock rockers Buckcherry didn’t even have a major-label deal — and their independently released third album, 15, wasn’t exactly a hit. But then they posted the dirty, catchy “Crazy Bitch” on their MySpace page, which they also used to cast foxy local chicks to dance in the low-budget, high-nudity video. “We just said if any girls want to show up and do their thing, come to Key Club in Los Angeles, which we decorated to look like a strip club,” says frontman Josh Todd. “We had an open bar starting at 10 a.m., and eventually the tops came off.”

Buzz around the resulting soft-core clip (which is airing in a clean version on Fuse) helped drive the song to Number Fifteen on the Modern Rock radio chart and scored Buckcherry a deal with Atlantic, which has picked up 15.

But MTV hasn’t approved the video, despite asking for more than eighty cuts. “A girl’s legs were open too much,” Todd says. “Basically, too much ass.”

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