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July 3, 2006

Well I have seen the Season Finale of SuperGroup. There are some facts that I need to address:

– Valerie & Doc, you seem to not understand why I feel entitled to some sort of control over the ‘Skid Row’ name. Please let me explain (although Doc already knows all this). Back in 1987 when I joined the band, yes it was already called Skid Row. I did not think up the name. But the fact is we bought the name ‘Skid Row’ from legendary British Guitar hero Gary Moore. His band ‘Skid Row’ was around in the early seventies & Gary Moore owned the name when we started in 1987. When the guitar player, bass player & myself all got signed to Atlantic (only 3 out of 5 members of the band were actually signed to the label ), Gary Moore heard about it & said we could have the name for $35,000 US Dollars. Snake & Rachel walked into rehearsal & said “WE have to pay Gary Moore 35 grand to use the name” & so we, as a band, did buy the name from Gary Moore. WE were all glad to do it because it is a great name for the band. I remember looking at Scotti & Rob saying “wow, thats alot of $ but WE gotta do it!” What I did not know was that Snake & Rachel put only their names on the copywrite / trademark of the name. No other members of the band has ownership of the name, even though 3 of us were signed to Atlantic. That’s the music business for ya. It was not until years later after we bought the name from Gary Moore that I learned that we meant only 2 out of 5 members of the band. When I joined the band we had sold zero records. By the time I was fired in 1996 we had sold over 15 million records. Do I deserve a say in how the back catalogue is distributed, marketed, packaged, remixed/remastered etc.? Yes I do. Do I have any control whatsoever over my voice & image for at least 10 years of my career? At the moment, no. I hope to change this situation in the future.

– I would like to apologize to Uncle Ted Nugent for being an ‘unprofessional’ during our show at the Empire. The song ‘Stranglehold’ is one of my favorite songs ever but the song clocks in at 8 or 9 minutes & during a 50 minute set that is a considerable amount of time! So I really did not know what to do onstage during this musically incredible but vocally nonexistant part of the show. I knew there were a stack of DAMNOCRACY shirts backstage that I saw before the gig so I figured, why not give these shirts to the people who came to see the show. I in no way meant to be ‘distracting ‘ during Ted’s lead. I’ll bet the people who got free DAMNOCRACY shirts did not mind that I did this. Sorry Uncle Ted but all I was trying to do was get people to have fun & have a good time.

– This is a reality show but it is more “show” than “reality”.

The world has to know that:a) Doc McGhee does not manage me (have not talked to him since March)b) Valerie & Jay are in no way my “publicists” (have not talked to these people since March)c) I do not have a ‘stylist’.d) Unfortunately, there are absolutley no plans at this time for the band DAMNOCRACY. No tour, no album, no nothin’. I will play / record / whatever with DAMNOCRACY but at the moment all of us are busy with our Rock & Roll, Adult Film, & Hunting careers. I am recording my second solo CD entitled ‘Angel Down’ which will be in stores this October. See for video updates. My solo band will be on tour with Guns N’ Roses this July in the UK.

Hope you all enjoyed ‘SuperGroup’. See ya on tour.
Sebastian Bach

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