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July 4, 2006

Hello all!!

It’s been a long time since our last newsletter and there’s a lot to catch up on in the land of IronHorse. So let’s get to it…

First off, as many of you are aware, Ron has decided to let go of the reigns of IronHorse and step down from the position of lead vocalist. He informed the fans of this on the IronHorse message board in a post which can be found at:

It goes without saying that Ron’s departure comes as a shock to many and everyone involved with IronHorse is sorry to see him go. However, Ron remains a fan and supporter of the band and may even contribute material to the next CD. With many other projects and live appearances on tap, you can be sure we haven’t heard the last from Ron.

But, as everyone knows when one door closes, another opens. To find the door to the new frontman, the rest of the band didn’t have to look very far. Ron’s old partner in crime, Charlie Wayne (whom many of you will remember from Ron’s recent KEEL AND WAYNE duo) eagerly came on board to assume the position of frontman and the band looks forward to the boost that new blood always brings. As the original lead vocalist for the BulletBoys now pursuing a southern rock sound, Charlie is cut from the same cloth as the rest of the band and will fit like an old shoe. On the subject of shoes, obviously, Charlie’s got big shoes to fill, but he’s got the big feet to do it. To get a look at the 2006 model of IronHorse you won’t have to wait long as Charlie’s first shows with the band will be this month.

First up, on Friday, July 14th IronHorse will co-headline with Brian Howe (ex-Bad Company lead vocalist) at Little Sturgis Bike Rally in Sturgis KY. Information about the event can be found at the Little Sturgis website.

To conclude the month, IronHorse returns home to Ohio for an entire weekend of shows back where it all started in front of the fans that made it all possible.

Thursday, July 27th – Stingers Lounge – 18 E. High Street, London, OH 40140 8:30 PM
Friday, July 28th – Big George’s Bar & Grill – 209 West Bigelow Avenue, Plain City, OH 43064 10:00 PM
Saturday, July 29th – Lee Dog’s Locker Room Saloon – 109 North Main Street, Marysville, OH 43040 10:00 PM

However, this return to Ohio will be a bittersweet one, as at the conclusion of these shows IronHorse will lose another member. Lead guitarist Jay “SnakkDaddy” Rusnak has also announced his intentions to step down at the end of July. His announcement on the message board can be found here.

We’re sorry that Jay has to fold his tent and depart from the active ranks of IronHorse. However, like Ron, he remains a brother in spirit and a fan and may also submit a few songs for the next IH CD. Jay will stay busy with his other current musical activities in the Southeastern U.S. and is diligently working on a couple of projects (one of which may involve Mr. Keel) that he certainly will announce to everyone when they come to fruition. News regarding his replacement will be unveiled shortly.

Finally, IronHorse has joined the growing ranks of organizations that have a MySpace page. It can be found at:

Please visit it often for news and updates regarding IronHorse while a new and improved web page is being constructed at

In addition, the IronHorse message board remains up at’ve missed seeing some of you over there, but we realize it’s currently not that easy to get to, so you’re best bet is to bookmark it for the time being. We invite you all to check it out, log in, keep up with news and happenings, and chat with the band and your fellow fans.

That’s about it for now. Lots of big things are ahead for IronHorse during the remainder of 2006 and beyond and we look forward to sharing the ride with all of you!


Geno, Jay, Gaetano, Dean, and Charlie

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