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July 13, 2006

Recently, James and Cassie from the Metal Epicenter ( had occasion to sit down with one of the Warrant founding members, Mr. Erik Turner. Erik, in good spirits having a day off the road, took the time to answer some of our questions regarding the state of Warrant, the new album, and much more.

For those who are unaware, Warrant are out on the road and have just released a new album called “Born Again.” The album has so many solid tracks, it’s actually being promoted on VH1 Classic with a video shot for the song “Burbon County Line.”

And while Warrant enjoys a wave of new found success, Jani Lane is touring with a 16-year-old guitar player calling his band “Jani Lane’s Warrant.” If you’re wondering, yes we do ask Mr. Turner for his thoughts on that!

And now, here is a teaser of the Interview you can find at

This is James and Cassie and we’re pleased and honored to have Mr. Erik Turner, from Warrant, with us. How are you doing today?

ET. Life is good, still rocking and rolling. Living a life that leaves no regrets.

I guess we’ll pull a Sludge and start out by asking you to talk about your current project which would be your current tour with Warrant and the new album “Born Again”. So, tell us a little something about both, if you could.

ET. Born Again is what we would like our band to be, both musically… and viably…I just invented to new words, damn that was easy, maybe not? The Goose is loose … Ha Ha! Inside joke for those suns-a-chicken-bitches who know me.

I must say that “Born Again” has been in my CD player since before it even was released in America, I had a friend pick a copy up for me from England because I just had to hear it! Why I love it so much is it’s a new Warrant album that sounds like the Warrant we want to hear. Did you consciously want to make an album with a lot of the same techniques as D. R. F. S. R. and Cherry Pie?

ET. Dude, whoever you are, I fricking love you. This CD means so much to us, we are like proud parents of a bastard child! We set out to make a CD that our fans want to hear. For the last 10 years I have been hearing from Warrant fans saying, Belly to Belly, what the f*** is that? 10 years no Warrant CD from you guys, come on, get it together already! I love these people; they have been supporting us forever it seems like. This is your CD, you 80’s hair metal rock heads from hell. Crank the bitch up!

How has the reaction been from the Warrant fans towards the new album and new material when performed live?

ET. The reaction has been very good. We have been rotating the new songs in the set. We started with Good Times, and then we added Dirty Jack. We only play one or two new songs live in the set each night. People want to hear the hits, the classics, and the songs they lost their virginity to. We have played Roller Coaster, Bourbon County Line and Devils Juice live as well. Drunken people at a rock show love ’em! So do we… it’s a kick in the ass playing our new material.

Were the Warrant family members at all worried when you split company with Jani Lane?

ET. We all new Mr. Lane had bigger and better plans for himself. He was always dropping hints about leaving Warrant. It was a bummer and very stressful when he left the second time around, the first time around too for that matter, but he has done what’s best for him and his family. All the best to Jani Lane and his camp. We had a lot of good times over the 17 years we spent together in a rock band. We left a black eye on rock n roll. I mean that in a good way!

Any comment at all about Jani Lane touring as “Jani Lane’s Warrant” these days?

ET. Nope. That’s a buzz kill question. Thanks a f***ing lot!

How did Jaime St. James end up with Warrant?

ET. Long time friend, great singer, songwriter and front man. We got lucky with our first choice! Hear he, hear he, Long Live the Saint! Long live Rock n Roll!

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