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July 14, 2006

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the signing of Danish Metal legends PRETTY MAIDS for a multi-album deal which will start with the release in the fall of the band’s brand new album “Wake Up to the Real World”, the long awaited follow-up album to 2002’s ‘Planet Panic’.

In singer Ronnie Atkins’ words: “The new record has all the trademarks a good PRETTY MAIDS album should have and that’s the overall combination of good melodies and strong guitar riffs. But the keyword as far as I’m concerned is it’s gotta be melodic: whether it’s the heavier and faster tracks or the more ballad/AOR oriented kind of stuff, in other words “good songs” and I think the album has got that!”

Songwritingwise the new PRETTY MAIDS songs lean a bit towards their early 80’s roots with obvious similarities to “Planet Panic” and updated and strong production. The new record will be the first release to feature former ROYAL HUNT and KINGDOM COME drummer Allan Tschicaja, who replaced Michael Fast in April.

“Wake Up to the Real World” is set to include eleven new songs: Wake up to the real world, All in the Name of Love, I Am the End, As Guilty as You, Why Die for a Lie, Such a Rush, Where True Beauty Lies, Brave Young New Breed Terminal Violence, Perfect Strangers and Another Shot of your Love.

The long awaited come-back is set to be released in November on Frontiers Records in Europe. More info to be released soon !

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