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July 15, 2006

Well, gang…it’s almost ready and I’ll be mailing outsamplers in the coming weeks to radio/press/labels whoare interested in hearing what producer Beau Hill hasdone with the tracks that will make up the next FunnyMoney release.

For those who don’t know, Steve Whiteman and JimmyChalfant, former singer and drummer of AtlanticRecords platinum selling, rock-n-roll powerhouse KIX,are no strangers to fans and critics alike. What theworld may not know is that when KIX disbanded in 1994,Steve and Jimmy kept moving forward. Without missing abeat, their no-frills, hard rocking party-time rockand roll (read: AC/DC and Aerosmith) is still makingwaves as an even higher energy, big melody, hardrocking machine called FUNNY MONEY. Lets face it, thesignature KIX sound is etched in stone by SteveWhiteman’s unique and incredibly strong vocal styleand Jimmy Chalfant’s tribal, rock-solid hard-rockbeat; so if you loved KIX, you’ll propose marriage tothe huge guitars, precision groove, and harmonic blissknown as FUNNY MONEY!!!

FUNNY MONEY’s story dates back to 1996 just two yearsafter the demise of KIX. Steve was not ready to quitrock and roll, so he scouted the local scene for somepro musicians and formed the first stages of FUNNYMONEY. Only one year after playing their localMaryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia circuit topacked venues, they released their self-titled, debutalbum on Kivel Records. It immediately sold over 5,000copies which sparked a quick repressing. Based on theinfectious melodies and rock-n-roll banshee calls oftunes like Pick Me Up, Off My Rocker, and Cant Takethe Heat, sales of the debut album are still brisk.Following this no-surprise success, FUNNY MONEYreleased Back Again, their second smash, to ravereviews. Tracks like their moniker tune Funny Money,Sloppy Kisses, and Resurrection (Back Again) had fanswho couldn’t travel to their by now legendaryhigh-energy live shows calling for a live tome ofthese soon-to-be classics. Their call was answered inthe form of Even Better Live!, which, along with BackAgain, sold 8,000 copies and laid the groundwork forthe newest release.

In September of 2003, FUNNY MONEY’s latest release,Skin To Skin, broke even more hard ground. Criticshave called this album the hardest-rockin FUNNY MONEYCD to date! Fans also get a big surprise from a trackcalled Bad Luck which is a previously unreleased songfrom the KIX demo vault, recorded here with specialguest appearances by Jimmy Chalfant and former KIXguitarist Ronnie Younkins. Although Jimmy Chalfant didnot join FUNNY MONEY as their permanent drummer until2004, he appears on almost half of the albums thirteentracks alongside former FUNNY MONEY touring drummerSam Stillwell. This album also introduces the rocksolid guitar playing of former CENTERFOLD six-stringerRob Galpin, who has since, permanently replaced LouisCoppola in the band. With Rob’s ruckus loud guitarroaring through his Marshall amps, the band is roundedout by Skin To Skin producer and bottom-feeder bassistMark Schenker. Together, Steve, Jimmy, Mark and Robare enjoying their status as a band with one of thebiggest selling independent CDs on, buttheir biggest footprint is about to land soon. Afterspending nearly two years writing and rewriting newmusic, the band has finally completed all the tracksfor their new, as of yet untitled album. If furtherproof be needed that this is the defining FUNNY MONEYcollection, the band has enlisted the help of Mega-HitProducer Beau Hill (RATT, KIX, and dozens more) tofurther cement their status as one of America’sFavorite Rock Bands! Fans are guided to be on thelookout for this killer release by year’s end 2006while still enjoying their current radio airplay onmajor radio stations throughout the US , including XMand SIRIUS Radio.

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