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July 15, 2006

(KSDK) – The heat took its toll at the UMB Bank Pavillion Saturday in Maryland Heights. Rescue workers treated dozens of Ozzfest concert fans sweltering in the heat. It meant an early departure for some concert-goers. At least ten people were transported to hospitals.

“We have transported approximately 12 people,” said Pattonville Fire Chief Steve Arnold. “Most of them have been not real serious illnesses. We’ve had a few people with chest pains. Right now we’re looking at 50 to 60 people in the first-aid rooms, here at the theater.”

Rescue workers in as many as ten ambulances responded.

Lisa Bell dropped off a couple Ozzfest fans. During the concert she was relaxing in one of the air-conditioned casinos nearby.

“And then we just got a phone call that the nurse had gotten them both and taken them out, and we needed to come out and pick them up,” said Bell. “It’s too hot for them.”

“The nurse lady came and gave us water and energy drinks,” said Ricky Stanfield.

Stanfield’s fellow Ozzfest fan, Curt Hardin, said, “We’re talking to lots of people. A lot of people getting hurt in the mosh pits, and a lot of people were getting way too hot, and falling down, and stuff.”

UMB Bank Pavillion officials would not allow the media inside the concert venue to shoot video of concert-goers. They also would not allow the media on their property.

Concert-goers say water, offered for sale inside, was eventually given away for free. And people were being warned about the heat.

Les Baldwin has been to many Ozzfest concerts. “A guy would come up on stage, and tell people to drink plenty of fluids, stay away from the alcohol, drink plenty of water.”

UMB Bank Pavillion officials on the scene had no comment.

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