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July 15, 2006

Wow, do we have a treat for you!! Suncity Records has signed up some of the best Hard Rock bands of late and we are continuing that trend with the announcement of 2 more giants of the underground. The 2 bands in the spotlight are Florida’s best kept secret, Kidd Havok as well as the amazing glamsters from Cleveland, Fashion Police.

Kidd Havok

In no particular order we will start of with Kidd Havok. With the Florida music scene in the early 90’s being known widely as being almost as strong as California’s and Cleveland’s, Kidd Havok show why.

Formed from the ashes of Scrooge in the mid/late 80’s by Scot Marcs and Johnny B. Kidd Havok went though several line-up changes before finding the perfect combo of Shawn St. Pierre and Rob Barone. Due to a powerful live show, the band gained a considerable following. Their 10-song demo found them with good radio airplay on both coasts of America as well as several TV appearances.

Kidd Havok’s music can be described as some of the very best hair metal, certainly that I have ever heard, both released and un-released material. These guys could of easerly stood tall with the big boys that were signed to the major labels back in the day. Axeman, Scot Marcs brings blazing guitars to the music reminiscent of the great Nuno Bettercourt. From Slash to Harry Cody to even the best of C.C. Deville’s guitar chops that he was busting out in the early 90’s. From the opening riff you will be stopped in your tracks at his genius! This is very special stuff, every song holding its very own piece of magic. In periods of the album you can almost hear Marc go surfing with the alien, O.K. you get the point, this guy shredds!!

Having said all that, you probably are thinking the album is the Marcs show but I’m here to tell you it’s not. Every member of the band in their own right a seasoned songwriter. With years of experience under their belt, vocalist Johnny B has all the attitude that all great hair metal bands need. Rob Barone on drums and Shawn St. Pierre on bass don’t put a foot wrong either.

Kidd Havok play their own brilliant type of Extreme/Skid Row type street sleaze metal with axe work that sends shivers down your spine. Other comparisons go to Dirtyworks, Bad 4 Good, Hericane Alice, Dirty Rhythm, Slik Toxik, Slash Puppet, Sven Gali and Lillian Axe. All in all, to me this is perfectly crafted hair metal and over time, may even go down as a classic hair metal album.

Now to the hardest part of this website update, choosing the track that we will feature for the fans. Every song on this album is a winner, how many albums can you say that about? Take a listen to some pure hair metal bliss with the song “Cold Sweat” which will incidentally be off the upcoming album entitled “Roll The Dice”. This will give you an idea of what to expect from these guys and what the band are all about.

Kidd Havok – Cold Sweat

I have been jumping out of my skin this week because not only have we stitched up a deal with the smokin’ Kidd Havok but we have signed Cleveland’s awesome Fashion Police. Masterminded by the multi talented Dave Belanger, get excited people because we will be releasing all 3 Fashion Police albums with extra unreleased bonus tracks as well as video footage of the band on each CD. The albums “Calling All The Shots”, “A New Minority” and “Plug It In” have recently been fetching big dollars on Ebay for a very good reason. Now they will be presented with stunning artwork, re-mastered, full lyrics, etc… for a much better price. Dave Belanger was originally in Suncity Records’s Pretty Vacant and played on their one and only album “…And We Don’t Care”. Going his own way, Dave had an idea to start another party rock band that had every element that people in the early 90’s wanted to hear. Fashion Police was therefore born.

The trilogy of Fashion Police CD’s will contain the full Fashion Police story, which is a great bonus, a story of trying to make it as a hard rock band back in the early 90’s, personally written by bass guitarist and chief song writer Dave Belanger.

Fashion Police

Well, what can I say about the music? If you’re after grinding guitar grooves, spectacular hard rock riffs ala Motley Crue, pounding drums and bass that shakes the ground, well go no further than Fashion Police. Excellent production that still stands up very well in this day and age. You will go a long way to find production as crisp as these recordings from any hair metal band in any era. Like all Suncity Records releases, these recordings have been taken straight from the original masters, you won’t find any cheap cassette/vinyl conversions like a lot of other rival labels here.

Now to Fashion Police’s music, to me their closest relatives would have to be “Religious Fix” era Tuff. Tuff”s Religious Fix is in my top 25 hard rock albums of all time, so you can imagine how excited I am. Lead vocalist Daniel Montesanto is a dead ringer of Stevie Rachelle, sleazy as all get out. The only reason I can think why these guys didn’t pick up a major label deal is unfortunately they were a little late on the scenes. The Nirvana virus had well and truly kicked in by then.

Take a listen to the track “I Want Love” which I have chosen out of 3 albums, mainly because I think it best describes the band and the whole vibe that these guys had going on. Enjoy.

Fashion Police – I Want Love

Also as promised, below are the covers for the upcoming Sweet Teaze – Groovin’ On The Backside and Daniel MacMaster – Rock Bonham… And The Long Road Back album. Also listed are the track listings.

Daniel MacMaster – Rock Bonham… And The Long Road Back

Daniel MacMaster - Rock Bonham

01 – Bleeding Hearts Collide
02 – Is She Falling?
03 – Walk With Me
04 – 1st In Line
05 – Just Before We Say Goodnight
06 – One Step Behind
07 – Find A Way Back To You
08 – Great Confusion (Unreleased Bonham)
09 – Feeling Inside (Unreleased Bonham)
10 – Friend Of Mine (Unreleased Bonham)
11 – Can’t Win For Losing (Unreleased Bonham)

Sweet Teaze – Groovin’ On The Backside

Sweet Teaze  - Groovin' On The Backside

01 – Groovin’
02 – When I’mk Down
03 – Broken Heart
04 – Slippin’ Away
05 – Can’t Take It No More
06 – Criminal Attraction
07 – Borrowed Time
08 – Can’t Find It, Grind It
09 – Never Was A Good Boy
10 – Heartless Woman

We have been working over-time behind the scenes getting these discs out to you. It may seem a little slow but we are putting everything into the artwork and production to make the best quality product possible. We plan on getting at least 10 albums out before the end of the year. We are always looking for the best talent that hard rock has to offer and our next news update will feature 2 more great signings as well as artwork for another 2 albums. So stay tuned for the latest from the Suncity camp.

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