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July 18, 2006

CINDERELLA is currently in the midst of a tour with POISON. More than just another summer jaunt, both bands are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2006. To mark the occasion, Cinderella vocalist Tom Keifer took time out to chat exclusively with BW&BK scribe Aaron Small.

“This is our third tour in the last five years with Poison. But our very first tour, back before we went on tour with DAVID LEE ROTH when our first record (Night Songs, issued in 1986) came out, Poison and Cinderella toured together for two or three weeks. That’s when we first met and got to know each other. Then we didn’t tour with them again until 2000. They’re great guys to tour with and it’s a good package between the two bands. We’ve had a ball every time we’ve done it. We toured last summer, headlining the Rock Never Stops tour (with RATT, QUIET RIOT and FIREHOUSE). This is actually the first time that we will do consecutive tours. We usually take a year or two off in between tours but last summer was just gangbusters.”

Mercury/Universal recently released a new double-disc Cinderella compilation titled Gold. “I think it’s a really cool collection,” says Kiefer. “Different from the other greatest hits we’ve had out (of which there are four: Once Upon A, Bad Attitude, Millennium Collection, Rocked Wired & Bluesed) which are just that – greatest hits. This one has a little bit more than that. It’s two discs and there are a lot of cool album tracks that you would never hear on a greatest hits album. We picked them; we were involved with the label with the song selection. We tried to pick some more obscure songs, songs you don’t hear all the time. Also, we put some live tracks on there from back in the early ’90s. There’s six live tracks that are from the Heartbreak Station tour (in 1991). All in all, it’s 30 songs.” Expounding further on the live songs, two of the six originally appeared on the Japanese only, Live Train To Heartbreak Station while the other four are previously unreleased.

Tom Keifer’s solo album has been in the works for seemingly forever. The latest update is as follows. “We shall serve no wine before its time. I thought I had it finished back in the fall (of 2005). I got away from it and lived with some mixes. I found some stuff I wanted to tweak and work on, so I went back in (to the studio) fine-tuning the mixes. The next stage, I’ll be taking it to labels, probably this summer while we’re out on the road. I’m looking to find the right home for it. We’re in the final throes of finishing it up and from that point it’s just going through the mechanics of negotiating a deal. We’re getting close.”

The reasoning behind Tom recording a solo album isn’t that the material wasn’t suitable for Cinderella. In fact, “It’s somewhere probably between Heartbreak Station and Long Cold Winter. I started the record after we had started working on a Cinderella record back in ’99 with Sony and that record ended up in a lawsuit. The lawsuit dragged on for years and Cinderella, in the midst of the lawsuit, were unable to record. So in the meantime, everybody was just kind of doing their own thing. I chose to go and make a record because I was able to as a solo artist. The lawsuit finally came to an end just this past fall (2005). I was in the middle of this record, so I’m going to finish it and we’ll see what the future holds for Cinderella as far as recording. In the meantime we’ve been able to tour and we’ve been having a great time doing that. Right now, I don’t think any of us have even thought about it (recording). The lawsuit and the whole Sony thing just kind of knocked the wind out of our sails and left a bad taste in our mouths. Recording a record is probably the last thing any of us have been thinking about. I don’t mean internally, we’re tight as a band. We’re just fed up with the outside sources.” To clarify, Cinderella is now in a position where the band can legally record a new album? “Yes. I’m sure at some point we’re going to talk about that. I think we all got sidetracked on our own stuff in the midst of all of that. I know I want to see through what I started, I’m sure the other guys do too.”

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