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July 19, 2006

In The Studio Working On New Album,New Single On The Way

Australian rock ‘n’ roll legends ROSE TATTOO are backin the studio recording a new album with veteranAustralian producer Mark Opitz (INXS, COLD CHISEL,KISS). The first single from the album is “Black EyedBruiser”, a song written by the band’s originalproduction team, Harry Vanda and George Young, whoalso were AC/DC’s producers. There are threeadditional tracks on the single which were recordedlive in Sydney Australia at the Pete Wells BenefitConcert a few months before Pete passed away. Thesongs — “Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw”, “Remedy” and “AstraWally” — are all blistering versions recorded on avery special night when the Australian music industrycame together out of respect to honor Pete Wells, thefounding member of ROSE TATTOO, who was diagnosed withprostate cancer. The band’s royalties from thissingle will be donated to the cancer foundation thatPete also supported before his death.

The decision on what ROSE TATTOO would do followingthe passing of Pete Wells could only be made by oneperson. The band visited Pete in hospital a weekbefore he died and he told them to keep going. If itwere not for Pete’s instruction, ROSE TATTOO wouldhave folded. Angry Anderson has always said, “When Ijoined ROSE TATTOO, I joined Pete’s band.”

In recent months the band has signed a worldwiderecording deal with a German label Armagedon. Theywere due to start recording in Sydney on May 1 but putback the recording following Pete’s passing untilJuly. The band was very hopeful of having Pete play onthis album before he got too ill. But time was notfriendly for this wish to be realised.

The band’s manager, Steve White, said, “there was noway this record would be made if Pete did not tell theboys to go ahead. It was not a decision the band couldor would have made without Pete’s leadership. ROSETATTOO is a close family unit and the loss of PeteWells runs very deep within the band. They are allbrothers.”

Angry Anderson said, “This is going to be a verypersonal record. This will be our tribute. It has tobe special.”

ROSE TATTOO will be doing some special shows in Europein August and will be releasing the single at theWacken Open Air festival. Plans are in work for anextensive European tour after releasing the album inearly 2007.

The lineup for ROSE TATTOO is:

Angry Anderson – Vocals
Mick Cocks – Guitar
Steve King – Bass
Paul DeMarco – Drums
Dai Pritchard – Slide Guitar

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