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July 22, 2006

AXL ROSE sparked a riot at a concert after refusing to appear on stage until he had been given a full roast dinner.

The GUNS N’ ROSES singer kept the crowd at Newcastle’s Metro Arena waiting on Thursday night (19JUL06) for over an hour in the sweltering heat as he tucked in to his meal.

His behaviour didn’t go down too well with the thousand strong audience, who started jeering and throwing objects at the empty stage.

Concert goer SASKIA GREEN says, “It was really hot and the crowd was booing because he was taking forever. A security guard said it the delay was caused by Axl demanding a lamb dinner before he went on – very rock ‘n’ roll.” COLIN REVEL, manager of the Metro Arena, confirmed the bizarre request for the British delicacy and said, “Only a roast dinner would do.”

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