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July 25, 2006

Jet are on course to release the as-yet-untitled follow up to 2003’s ‘Get Born’.

The band worked with producer David Sardy, who helped the band whittle down 40 songs to 15.

Songwriting for the album began in the Barbados in December of 2005 and then moved to Melbourne when family tragedy struck.

Frontman Nick Cester and Jet drummer Chris Cester’s father passed away from cancer, which affected the tone of songs on the album.

“The ballads are a lot deeper,” Nick Cester told Rolling Stone. He said that new track ‘Shine On’ was written for his brother and his cousins.

He added: “It’s all resulted in a journey. It was a way to vent a lot of issues, feelings and anger. We ran a whole gamut of emotions over the last few years. You don’t bury dad and go out and write the fucking party classic.”

Tracks set to be included on the album include ‘Eleanor’ described as “having an Everly Brothers vibe”, the Captain Beefheart-esque ‘Holiday’ and ‘Stand Up’ described by Cester as: “the biggest rock song you’ve ever heard”.

The band also felt pressure after the success of their debut. Nick admitted: “The first time around, we were a pop band from Melbourne, and this time around we’re playing much bigger venues. We wanted to make sure the new album was going to be five times better… Obviously, we’re still Jet. We’re still a rock band.”

The album is scheduled for release on 3rd October 2006.

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