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July 25, 2006

It has come to our attention that a former member of L.A. Guns with rights to use the name has put a Tribute band together with some of the guys he played with before the band were signed to Polygram records in 1986. It is a band that never recorded a record together just played some local shows. Twenty years ago. So if you intend to book or attend a concert by this band you should know that a singer who’s voice you have never heard on a single LAG record will be attempting to cover LAG classics with a drummer that hasn’t played in a band since 1989. Unfortunately this situation has developed due to the fact that Tracii has burned every bridge that he has ever crossed and these are the only guys left that take him seriously. It should be apparent to anyone with the slightest understandING on how a band operates that certain people are indeed toxic which is why Steve Riley, Phil Lewis, Adam Hamilton and Stacy Blades decided that the band had to continue after our former guitarist jumped ship two weeks before the release of a new record and world tour four years ago. Since then the band has gone on to prove that live and in the studio the loss has not hurt us a bit, in fact public and press option has made it clear that we are in fact much better off.

We anticipate there might be some confusion in the coming months with both bands playing live shows so we want to make it clear that we do not endorse of have any control of this situation and expect our fan base to stand by us as we have always stood by them.

So if you’re a life long fan or someone that has recently discovered L.A. Guns and you want to hear all the hits from the first self titled record all the way to Tales From The Strip played authentically with the real singer and drummer who have been playing together for sixteen years then be sure not to confuse the two groups.

L.A. Guns is a band that thrives on the support of our fans. If any doubt this special relationship that only need to check out the message board on the official LAG web site or any of our nine thousand friends over at my to see that there is great enthusiasm for our work and we promise that this temporary annoyance will not affect our commitment to delivering the best live shows and records.

So be warned that if you find yourself in an empty club with a band called the original L.A Guns. It’ not us.

L.A. Guns:
Phil Lewis – Vocals
Steve Riley – Drums
Adam Hamilton – Bass
Stacy Blades – Guitar

Courtesy of Obi Steinman Mgmt