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July 25, 2006

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He’s the right-hand man to the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy. He’s one of the most recognizable guitarists on the planet. He’s part of two hugely successful bands and also a solo artist. He’s appeared in Hollywood movies. He’s none other than the Zakk Wylde, and he wants to hear your music! If you inspire head banging, moshing, or chaos in general, the Zakk Wylde Song Contest is for you. And with Wylde personally judging the top ten finalists from the peer review, this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for exposure! Whether or not you own his signature Gibson guitar, can chicken pick, or listen to Black Label Society, any form of metal is welcomed. Let the thrashing begin!

Zakk Wylde’s Bio

Zach Wylde started playing guitar at age 14. In 1984 he formed his first band, Stone Henge, and played with several other bands in his home state of New Jersey. After hearing that Ozzy Osbourne needed a new lead guitarist he auditioned and received a call from Sharon Osbourne offering him the position – Wylde was 20 years old. His recording debut was on Ozzy’s “No Rest For The Wicked” (1988). Wylde’s later side projects included a trio called Pride and Glory (which recorded one album) and nearly joining Guns N’ Roses. In 1996 he recorded a solo album called “Book Of Shadows.” Finally, in 1998 Wylde formed Hell’s Kitchen – renamed to Black Label Society – and recorded the band’s debut album, “Sonic Brew.” Wylde is best known for his distinct guitar style comprised of pinch harmonics and “chicken pickin,'” – a form of string picking generally used only by country artists.

Submissions Fee:
Primo – First Free ($5.00 each additional)
ProMoB – $5.00 per song
Mob – $10.00 per song
TAXI & Mini – $20.00 per song

Important Dates:
Submissions Start: 7/14/2006
Submissions End: 9/18/2006
Review Start: 7/24/2006
Review End: 9/25/2006
Winners Announced: October 2006

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Review from Zakk Wylde himself!

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