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July 31, 2006

Lovember Records in association with Universal Music has reissued Spread Eagle’s debut album. Considered to be a “classic” this record contains all 11 songs including the hits “Switchblade Serenade”, “Scratch Like A Cat”, “Broken City” “Thru These Eyes” and is newly remastered. The album is ONLY available for purchase at

Spread Eagle “Back On the Bitch” Tour Dates:

Aug 18 2006 8:00PFINN McCOOLS Westfield, MA
Aug 19 2006 8:00PTHE CHANCE Poughkeepsie, NY
Aug 20 2006 8:00PTHE HAUNT ITHICA, NY
Aug 22 2006 8:00PTHE LUCKY DOG Worchester , MA
Aug 24 2006 8:00PHARPERS FERRY Boston, MA
Aug 25 2006 8:00PJAXX West Springfield , VA
Aug 26 2006 8:00PDINGBATZ Clifton, NJ
Aug 28 2006 8:00PTHE SAINT Asbury Park, NJ
Aug 30 2006 8:00PTHE PIRATES DEN – (Philly) Gloucester City , NJ
Aug 31 2006 8:00PTHE CRAZY DONKEY Farmingdale, NY
Sep 1 2006 8:00PDON HILLS with Law and Order New York, NY
Sep 2 2006 8:00PHARTZ CAFE Virginia Beach, VA

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