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August 6, 2006

“Get Out Of My Yard” August 29th on Shrapnel Records

HOLLYWOOD – “Get Out Of My Yard” is the first all-instrumental CD by guitarist Paul Gilbert. Known as a guitarist’s guitarist, Gilbert’s strong fan base has been asking for an all-instrumental record for years and they are about to get served up a guitar smorgasbord beyond their wildest hopes. “Over the years, I’ve received tons of e-mails from fans saying,” states Gilbert. “Dude – Why don’t you make a guitar instrumental album?” But I never wanted to.”

Gilbert admits he had never aspired to write and record an instrumental as he; himself rarely listened to guitar instrumental records. “In 1988, I joined the band Mr. Big. At the same time, a big record company offered me a deal to make a solo guitar instrumental album “just like Joe Satriani,” explains Gilbert. “I turned the offer down. When I would try to write instrumental songs, I don’t know what to do with the second verse. In a pop song, it’s ok to repeat the music and just change the words. But with no words, my second verse ends up being exactly the same as the first. How do I get around this?”

With the resurgent interest in musician oriented records the release of this record is perfectly timed. Times have changed and once again we find a legion of young players, now discovering the origins of high performance shred guitar of which Paul Gilbert is one of the true innovators. “I began to feel a genuine desire to make THIS, my first solo guitar instrumental album,” Gilbert explains. “I began by choosing my 12 favorite guitars and basses and putting them in a room where I could be surrounded by them. Then I called Jeff Bowders to play drums, and started to work. Three months later, the CD was finished. And…I LOVE THE THING.”

Gilbert is regarded internationally as one of the greatest players in the industry. Starting his recording career with Shrapnel Records as a teenager in the late 80’s, Paul Gilbert remains one of the most active guitarists from the original shred guitar scene, stemming from his multi-faceted talent and long range career. With Platinum success, including a number one song with Mister Big, and cult status as founding member of the legendary and highly successful underground progressive metal band “Racer X,” Gilbert’s sales draw from nearly 20 albums and 20 years as a recording artist and touring musician.

Now, in 2006 we will experience the first of Gilbert’s solo playing, finally letting out all that pent-up shredding. “Get Out Of My Yard” in store August 29th 2006, on Shrapnel Records.

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