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August 11, 2006

Ted Nugent lit up VH1 this summer with the “Supergroup” reality show. But the Motor City Madman says not to expect to hear much more from Damnocracy, his 12-day collaboration with ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, Antrhax’s Scott Ian, Biohazard’s Even Seinfeld and Jason Bonham.

“I would like to [do more with Damnocracy]; the musical element is very alluring. But I doubt it,” Nugent tells “I’ve got so much cool sh*t on. It’s about the cool meter; like a TSA wand-er, I run my cool wand over everything, and only stuff that pegs the meter do I do. Even as good as the Damn Yankees are … We got killer offers to record but, Jesus, when do you do that?”

Nugent says the coolest thing on his meter now is his own music, a set of songs that includes titles such as “Girl Scout Cookies,” “Raisin’ Hell,” “Funk You” and “Bridge Over Troubled Daughters.” He’s already hatching plans to hit the studio with his current rhythm section — bassist Barry Sparks and drummer Mick Brown — with hopes of getting a new studio album out sooner rather than later.

“I am dedicated to, first and foremost, recording at least a dozen of my best new songs that are driving me wild,” Nugent says. “I’m just in love with the new music. I hope to hell we can go in the studio next February and have the record ready to listen to by March so that it’s out by the spring of ’07.”

Whenever it comes out, the album will be Nugent’s first set of all-new material since 2002’s “Craveman.” He’s currently on the North American leg of his Unleash the Beast tour, which wraps up Sept. 4 — after which Nugent will spend the fall and early winter leading hunting expeditions in his native Michigan and other locales.

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