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September 4, 2006

Frontiers Records is excited to reveal all details surrounding the much anticipated PRETTY MAIDS come back album entitled “Wake Up To The Real World” to be released on November 10th 2006.

PRETTY MAIDS is a legendary Hard Rock / Heavy Metal combo from Denmark founded in early 1982 by guitarist Ken Hammer and singer Ronnie Atkins.

After 10 studio albums, 2 Ep, 1 Best Of and 2 live albums, in 2002 the band celebrated their 20th anniversary with the release of the album “Planet Panic” followed by a successful European tour. But at the end of the same year they decided to take a long break from recording and touring. Now in 2006 the band is finally ready to release their long awaited “come back album” entitled “Wake Up To The Real World”.

In singer Ronnie Atkins’ words: “The new record has all the trademarks a good PRETTY MAIDS album should have and that’s the overall combination of good melodies and strong guitar riffs. But the keyword as far as I’m concerned is it’s gotta be melodic: whether it’s the heavier and faster tracks or the more ballad/AOR oriented kind of stuff, in other words “good songs” and I think the album has got that!”

With renewed energy, new visions, a new drummer (former ROYAL HUNT skinsman Allan Tsichaja) and a brand new album, PRETTY MAIDS is once again ready to face the crowd and rock the world.

“Wake Up To The Real World” shall feature the following eleven songs:
Wake Up To The Real World; All In The Name of Love; I Am The End; As Guilty As You; Why Die For A Lie; Such A Rush; Where True Beauty Lies; Brave Young New Breed; Terminal Violence; Perfect Strangers; Another Shot Of You Love.

PRETTY MAIDS will be specially appearing at the UNITED FORCES OF ROCK Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany on October 1st 2006. Don’t miss ’em !


Former RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE singer JOE LYNN TURNER had agreed to post his own comments on the songs appearing on the brand new SUNSTORM album, the Melodic Rock project he released with Dennis Ward of PC69 on the production helm. Enjoy the good read and click on the link to hear a sample ! Don’t miss this album on the release date on September 22nd 2006 !

Keep Tonight
This was a collaboration with Jack Ponti. We had been writing for other bands (Bonfire, Gorky Park, Baton Rouge) when we came up with this one. It sounded like something I would do so I kept it for myself. Jack has a great imagination and is a very colourful lyricist, I learned a lot from him in that regard. It’s pretty obvious that it’s about a one night stand, although it’s romantic in it’s content. There must have been a lot of feelings for the significant other!!!

Fame And Fortune
Another song that came out of the writing sessions with Devoskin! I was telling him how I felt about my current situation at the time. I had just came out of Rainbow and was feeling like the game of rock and roll was very transparent and it wasn’t what most people think it is. The lyrics express a very true feeling that I was living.

Heart Over Mind
When I first heard this song I was totally captured by it’s haunting quality. It’s almost as if your in the mind/heart of the person who lost a lover and their inner struggle to gain strength to go on living: a strong song with a lot of personal meaning.

This Is My Heart
Now who hasn’t felt like this !… a killer rock track is setting the background for an emotional lyric of self reliance and power!… I really lived this one… Very inspirational!… a fav of mine!…. but then they all are!

Strength Over Time
A powerful lyric in a great musical framework!… they don’t get much better than this!… a true sentiment of the wisdom of life experience… and it rocks!

Another You
Peterik does it again with this ballad! Sometimes he just says what I’m feeling! I really love the touch of R&B style while still being a straight up hit pop song!!!! One of my fav’s!!!

Fist Full Of Heat
This is a western movie soundtrack title song! It has the story line and colour of the genre! Think Young Guns, Blaze of Glory, etc… and it rocks! Cool!

Loves Gone Wrong
I wrote this with my friend Larry Devoskin. He was the keyboard player in Fandango. We gave this song a kind of Latin rock feel, on the original demo I even played timbales!!! The lyric is a struggle with a love that has already been over for some time. I know that most people have had this same feeling a time or two!

Night Moves
This was a bit of a challenge because a female had sang the demo and I thought the lyric fit her persona better than it did a male! But I just switched positions and thought about what it would be like to be in that situation. I guess it worked because I got seriously into the song and it came to life!

Danger Of Love
This was a great song to sing… the lyric is something we can all relate to! And the track is powerful!

Making Up For The Last Time
What a fantastic story!… I know a lot of us have had this happen: love with the same person the second time around! This is a well crafted, well written song! Peterik strikes again!

Arms Of Love
A Jim Peterik gem! Jim and i have been friends for a long time. We’ve written together as well (“Blueprint for the blues” on the “Hurry up and wait” cd). He’s one of the great songwriters of our time!!! It was a pleasure to sing this romantic song, with a great lyric of how it feels to be away from the one you love… a classic!!!

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