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September 4, 2006

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to give TRAMP’s WHITE LION a second shot and make it a good one. I never felt good about giving up after our last agent messed up our plans for 2006 and we were left with nothing. So together with your many requests and the band wanting to do it, we’re already off and running and this time will be taking it one step further! Yes I/we have decided to record an album of all new TWL songs. Without promising too much, this is something we hope will be released sometime in April/May next year. It’s funny how it all started. As you well know I have been working on a new solo album for a long time, but started finding myself a bit lost as I was progressing. One of the problems was that the album was getting too heavy and it was something I never set out to do. Ever since I recorded Capricorn in 1996 I have wanted to go far away from the WHITE LION and Freak of Nature sounds. But as the live shows started featuring songs from both bands, my solo songs started getting back into the WHITE LION/Freak Of Nature sound again. How many times have I said that MIKE TRAMP is MIKE TRAMP, not WHITE LION or Freak of Nature? Still I never stuck to it, feeling that people still want to hear the old songs. Well now that has solved itself. TRAMP’s WHITE LION or WHITE LION II as I aim to call it, will play the songs of WHITE LION and what will come from the new album. The album will be the heavier side of me without compromise, leaving me to now soar free and higher in the direction I have always wanted to be as a solo artist. You might not believe it, but this is a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders as I hate to be confused when it comes to where I am going with my music. I am very excited to record the next WHITE LION album and from the songs already in the box, I know it will not disappoint the fans.

The band will do a small tour of Europe in November-December so check out the tour dates as they get confirmed. We are not able to cover everywhere this time due to many reasons, but the goal is to be back sooner than later and reach as many of you as possible.


Even though the rest of this year will be mostly taken up with WHITE LION II, MIKE TRAMP solo is certainly not disappearing and the next solo album which I have already done some work on will see the light of day when there’s a break in the clouds.

Recent shows

In between getting TRAMPs WHITE LION up and running again and doing some work in the studio, I hit the road in August and played some solo shows in Melbourne and Indonesia with my Aussie band. The Melbourne shows were a warm up for the Indonesia tour and a good chance to catch up with some of the Aussie TRAMP fans that keep coming out. We then spent a few weeks in Indonesia playing some festival shows to crowds between 20,000 and 80,000, with the last one also featuring INXS on the bill. As always it was great to get back on the main stage and play some live rock ‘n’ roll.

New Website

A while in the design and making, I am pleased to unveil the new A number of things have changed and there is lot’s of new content to check out. One of the biggest changes is I have added the “Ask Mike” section. This is the place where you can send in your questions which will be answered and featured weekly on the site.

In this day and age where anything can be posted by anyone and anywhere, please be clear that, (the rebuilt site will be up and running shortly) and their respective pages are the only sources of TRAMP news and information that is official and authorized by me.

If you haven’t already, check out the Trampshop where you will find a range of my solo and WHITE LION CD’s and DVD’s.

Thanks for your dedicated support!

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