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September 13, 2006

San Francisco based arena rockers, AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, are pleased toannounce that their sophomore album will be released in Europe throughCargo Records on October 23rd. The album had previously received a NorthAmerican release on April 18th through the high powered Century Media rockimprint, Liquor & Poker Music, as well as a Japanese release through BigM.F./B-Gram Records on July 26th. A European tour is currently beingplanned for early 2007. More information will be available in the nearfuture.

As previously reported, American Heartbreak (which features former JETBOYguitarist, Billy Rowe, and former Exodus bassist, Michael Butler) have beenone of rock’s underground heroes for nearly a decade, and with the releaseof their eponymous second full-length, they have aimed to leave theunderground behind and follow in the footsteps of their arena rock idols.The album, which is self titled, was co-produced by Rick Parker, who hadpreviously worked with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and SpaceTwins, among others. The result: 13 tracks of timeless rock n’ roll. Itproves that while trend-seekers may be fawning over the latest batch ofrock “saviors” as if the genre was invented only yesterday, AmericanHeartbreak is the real deal – a band impervious to fads and driven purelyby the desire to play loud, catchy rock. Three songs from the new album areposted online at both the band’s website ( andMySpace page (

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